03 June, 2009

Are we a miserable bunch? I think we are.

Observing the daily news I am certainly convinced that we live in the age of depression. No no not in the economical sense but in the emotional sense. This is compounded by the fact that news will tell the big bad wolf stories first. A recent example is of the Kelantan Prince. It is about his marriage to an Indonesian celebrity but it is his personal business and responsibility not the media to make a huu haa of it.

But we tend to like those sort of stories. Is it perhaps that we are happy to see and read things like that and reminds us "Damn~at least I am not Royalty, rich and have a pretty wife" The media likens to these stories is simply because we cant keep our noses into our own pockets. We simply have to sniff around and poke for juicy stories of the misery of others.

Is this what we call sensational news? Cant sensational news be something happy? Can't it not involve murders, robberies, or scandals? It is known that political parties would like to hold a major stake in media corporations. Why you ask? Simply because they can control the flow of information and manipulate it to their whims.

Of course not all the news we read, listen or watch is manipulated. But it is just a convenient thing to have when disaster strikes. In the middle of it all once bombarded with all kinds of bullshit we the people as always get the least profitable end of the bargain. Thus we end up miserable and unhappy. It is a painful world.... the trust we give is returned in bit and pieces of poop.

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genesispassion said...

these bad news are allowed so that we have to depend on them to protect and defend us..without crime ..police will be useless like wise if there is no hell there wont be temple churches and mosques..