11 June, 2009

Bomoh, Dukun, Pawang ~ No not Charmed definitely.

Eastern cultures earns a certain mystique. But nothing is more intriguing than the hocus pocus stuff. In fact if those of you who fancy Lat comics may remember many depictions of this culture. There was one on helping the Malaysian badminton team to win the Thomas Cup if I am not mistaken.

This ancient nonsense is still practiced till today which some tend to believe that it is real. Certainly I am a non believer but what interest me is that how could we in such a modern age resort to offenses and defenses with some jibberish and other smoked condiments?

Searching into YouTube just for entertainment purposes I find that many videos either depicts these nonsense or tells stories about those who "use" it against others. Of course how far is this effective must be truly be die hard believers. But the stichings of this activity is so deep that perhaps some believe they can't live without it.

We have politicians, athletes, artistes, businessmen and people just like you and me who subscribe to such a facility. The revenue generated per year for this Hocus Pocus industry might very well be in the millions per annum. This perhaps could rival prostitution and smuggling. However in return what the customers get is to most a bag of lime, some stuff to burn or bathe with. It might be something more depending on the services ordered.

As if a connection to god cant be made by oneself and the need of these so called gifted people is the only way. It is amusing really to know that those who are highly educated resort to such things and think that it helps them have an advantage over their competition. One side it is morally wrong and on the other it is totally bollocks that something like a chanted mantra could change god's mind on what it is suppose to be.

For the stories we read, hear and watch are indeed captivating and of course entertaining. But to be a fully developed nation how can we resort to such wastage of resources. These kinds of things are not investments, it is simply stupidity of the highest degree. But since it is generating a lot of revenue why not legalize this and charge these bomoh's tax? See if they like that.... commercialism would surely kill most of them since the competition will be so stiff.

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