05 June, 2009

Consumer Policies.

Third world nation are in the nub of the problem. What precedes to make things worse is that the evolution to a developed nation comes with a hefty cost. Garbage. Precisely waste. Malaysia has since tried many times to "conserve" the environment but somehow our ethics are not deeply rooted into that direction in first place.

Good then. What? No that is not it. The habits that twirl in our lives are somewhat shaped by those who colonized us long long time ago. But that does not mean we are not to blame. We are certainly to blame since the act of change can only be instigated by us. So our consumer policies should be driven down with a hard nail. Simply it is not optional~ at least do not make it an option.

All hypermarket should stop ordering disposable plastic bags. Instead get those bags like the ones found in Ikea and the freeze bags from Carrefour. When consumers request for a plastic bag then charge them. The famous Malaysian habit~ if it is free why shouldn't we?

It should be also made a policy that all consumable stores are to deliver their recyclable waste to recycle centers. The total that is contributed is then deducted from the annual taxes since they are carrying out a social responsibility. How now? For us consumers we have to be a tiny bit more alert. At the counter say no plastic bags please....I brought my own bag.

Another thing is instead of a rounding up policy why not have a specific time of the year that this will be a rounding down policy. Of course it wont be much but hey just for the fun of it why not? Perhaps it could who we are an out of the box bunch.

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