23 June, 2009

Nik Aziz & Hadi Awang: Is PAS cracking?

The only Islamic party in the country has before seemed steadfast in their cause. But with conflicting statements by Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang seems to be a looming problem if not solved swiftly. But I do suspect that their alliance in Pakatan Rakyat along side DAP and PKR is showing it's wear and tear.

I am not supporter of PAS but what I do admire is that this party is rock solid when it comes to their beliefs~ well not until they decided to band up with PKR and DAP. Which certainly has conflicting interests. But these so called talks with UMNO is not really a bad thing~ like they say "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer".

What seems to be of interest is what is exactly behind BN's motive to have these talks? So they say it is for a mixed government but having 2 masters to one horse would normally make things worse. Take the roman empire as a good example. I would simply disagree with this mixed government thing. Sounds more like marketing hype than something that is practical. As it is already, democracy is in fact a mixed government. We have the opposition and the government trashing it out in parliament although the numbers are at odds against the opposition but it is in fact a fair ground.

But I do believe PAS has their merit well sorted. Not all party leaders are respected as Nik Aziz is. Is it possible that BN is somehow plotting something sinister? I wonder what the roots of BN has to say about this idea and why are the rest could simply say YES to their leaders without a blink.

I sure hope PAS is not cracking, and lets hope BN can't do that in it's lifetime.

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