15 June, 2009

Nizar in the act again.

Some idiots simply do not know how to quit. A good example is this one by the name Nizar. Yes, that infamous ex MB of Perak. Now sworn in as an MP only he decided to come in in style (or is it the lack of it). Him all dressed in black and 6 others wearing headbands (looking like hippies) walked into the Dewan and sat down. Wait a minute, don't they have guards who look out for those not doing according to the rules? Anyway...

Nizar should as an adult understand that all that he could do was done. The system and law was followed and the decision has been made. The courts gave the verdict thus there should be no questions asked. In fact if he were to do what he did in the Dewan in court he could have be held in contempt of the court.

But yes, enough is enough. Nizar is good for the loony bin or a kindergarten. I am sorry...but that is the truth.

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Gallivanter said...

Yeah, he's shooting himself in both feet.