09 June, 2009

No need to study! Compulsory ENGLISH now!!!

After many years of becoming a minister in various ministries, Muhyiddin suddenly realizes that English is not compulsory to pass? Wow, alright so he might not be aware of the national education policies before but since he is aware now it should only be natural for him to be in shock. But why does there need to be a study on it?

It is without a doubt essential for everyone to pass English. Let us take a look at our neighbour Brunei. Their people speak very good English, let not talk about Singapore. So why are we left out for so many years? Why are we not as successful as the Singaporeans? Why is English not treated as important as Bahasa Malaysia?

It is time to put in place a policy and the time should be immediate. No need for a study and waste more time. Making it compulsory is a simple signature on a piece of paper. We have lost too much and we can't afford to loose more. Trust me with English made a compulsory passing subject the next ten years will be a totally different scenario.

Read the news report here.

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