26 June, 2009

What is wrong giving maids a day off?

Not everyone is capable in being bosses. However just about anyone can have maids and that gives them the oppurtunity to become bosses. For one thing they fail to see that taking up a maid is another scope pf responsibility. Just like every other business owner they have to think about wages, efficiency, resources. Maids are employees and not slaves.

I have met with maids that are given a day off in a week, some are given bonusses and gifts during the festive season. Now I do feel that only a minority of employers treat their maids like dirt. But since there is no specific law for house maids then there is no specific rule to abide to in treating them.

These maids toil for you when you are away at work. They wash your child's poop, do the dishes, wash the laundry, clean the house, wash your car and even help out at other relatives of yours when told. Now imagine we were given a job and the tasks given are not in our jobscope or contract. What would you do? Just because these maids are not educated in such does not mean their rights are at your mercy.

I loathe at the sight of employers leaving just one maid to tend to 5 kids. You see this scene all the time. The bosses will be happily shopping and the maid is left to tend to 5 kids at the back trying to catch up. Now if they are your kids you should be the one tending to them in your free time. Not spending the husband's profits in Louis Vuitton and Coach.

For that maids should be given fair treatment. Give them a day off for every 6 days of work. Give them propper working hours and rest times. Give them the medical attention and health check-up every 6 months or so. This is important as they are the ones tending to your food~ their health is just as important if you value yours. If you can't do all this then don't be a boss~

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Pa'chik said...

modern slavery maybe... :(