31 July, 2009

What about the money making blogs?

It appears there are more and more money making blogs out there. How far the tips and know how is true can't be proven out right. But with such positive posts that we see very so often I can't help but the question could it be true. Well yeah all my blogs are monitized. but the purpose is so that it can sufficiently finance the domain and hosting. Thats it.

It this financial rut we live in now I guess many more are desperate to find ways to make more money. Can't blame them, survival is important. These blogs are would just revolve a few key words. Money, Make, Cash, and all that falls within the scope of making money online.

Honestly most posts do not exceed 3 paragraphs. Which I think it is just nothing more than maximizing keyword count. Naturally people would Google "Making Money" and the top blogs will be in the top ten list. So the blog is popular and many are clicking to see what is in it then find out there is practically nothing but bragging posts.

It is sickening and down right a waste of bandwidth. But yeah where is the gold there will be the golddiggers. Just like ants to sugar. So what now? Show me the money? Come on. Write something useful.

27 July, 2009

National KPI announced. Details 6 key areas for improvement.

From what is reported in NST the KPI developed is to evaluate improvements in 6 key areas in a moderate amount of time. Firstly as a rakyat I am happy that finally this is employed in the government. Second, it is crucial that all criticism and comments by the people or oragnizations are based on the details of this KPI set forth.

My concern is that let it not be only the 6 key areas in question that has concentrated efforts. Although the 6 key areas covered is pretty much what is important in pooling efforts to make this country a better place and efficient.

However at this point it has not been announced if the whitepaper for the NKPI will be released to the public to inform the rest of us how exactly the KPI is calculated. It is imperative that the formula should be made public so that the rakyat knows if the KPI is working or not.

The PM is fully aware that above all else his leadership will be judged by the people and not by his cabinet of ministers or by his peers of other countries. Thus the information to the KPI makes perfect sense to be released to the public using propper channels. Proper channels I mean not by blogs of ministers or MPs but officially trough the various government websites and portals already available.

It is also good to note that by releasing this information various parties such as public varsities can scrutinize the details and make further research for better understanding and for future planning. Key evaluation areas that are stipulated in the document can then be applied across other bodies in the public sector.

Remember, introducing KPIs is not a definite solution in improving services but it is a yardstick to base all future undertakings. One more query I would like to make is what is the definition of "moderate period"? Is it 3 years, 5 years or 10 years? In my humble opinion if it were to follow the same timespan as the NEC than it could be a case of too long and too late for remedy.

What could be done? What should be done?

That is a big difference you know. Between could and should. It is between logic and humanity. Depending on what is the situation lah. But what premeditates the idea of what could be done and what should be done? If we add greed into the equation then it gets a bit more messed up.

Now decision making is not always an easy task. Some would prefer not to make decisions as most of the time it involves not only one person. We can take the most easiest of examples and apply this theory. If lets say you are a manager and you exclusively know what are the top management's decision whereby it is likely that either your staff will suffer a pay cut or being told to resign. What would be your choice?

Realize that it is up to you the manager to decide. If you are not willing to let off your staff then your department suffers a pay cut and that includes you. If you let off a few people, the one that stays have to do extra work but get to maintain their pay check. So here lies the truth of decision making.

Like it or not it is either you do something that you could do or should do. This here where your morals as a manager is determined. No one will know but you and your superiors. As far as the bosses are concerned it is either they lower their cost or suffer from a pay cut themselves which is not really what they are too keen about.

So the morally incorrect managers will lay off subordinates. Especially those fresh graduates that are too slow to learn and those senior executives that are deemed to be inefficient. Still it cant be entirely the manager's fault now is it? If the outcome is not favourable then generally all will be in shit load of trouble anyway.

Yet, any management book will not tell you what is right or wrong to do outright. It will only tell you the options of what one could do. So it could be said that morals are not instilled in those management books unless it is binded by law or regulations. Some say it is where religion comes in. Well yeah~ I suppose so but obviously that does not come into one's mind when their boss is staring at them in the face for answers. So it would be always to save one's arse first.

I could possibly term it as the arse burning effect. Where one could have done something instead of should have done something in order to save their hairy arses from the hell borne fire of their bosses.

24 July, 2009

UiTM Shah Alam and other campus in Klang Valley closes for H1N1 threat.

I just got this trough Facebook. In the light of H1N1 the main campus in Shah Alam as well as others in the Klang Valley will begin the mid semester break earlier. Starting the 27th of July till 2 August UiTM will be closed. A formal Memo has been released as of after Friday Prayers today.

This was the message sent trough Facebook:

Kepada semua rakyat jelata UiTM Shah Alam (main campus, Puncak Perdana, Puncak Alam, Klang Lama, Selayang, Seksyen 17) yang sememangnya menantikan kehadiran cuti advance, boleh la mencari tiket pulang ke kampung, UiTM umum cuti midsem diawalkan 27 Julai - 2 Ogos 2009, gara-gara ancaman H1N1. Pekeliling akan diedarkan seketika waktu lagi. Pengumuman akan turut dibuat semasa solat Jumaat nanti. tQ.

Thanks Andi.

Yasmin oh dear Yasmin.

Well perhaps to most Yasmin is known for Sepet. I for one however find that she is more than a director. The news today about her collapse due to stroke made my heart skip a beat.

Anyway, Kak Yasmin for the person I know from the set of "Here In My Home" is seriously a live representation of all her movies and ads combined. Perhaps more.... just a day with her will make one realize how extraordinary she makes the ordinary.

Get well soon Kak Yasmin. I'll pray for you.

Times of great demand.

Very well we understand the economic rut we are in. Many have been laid off and I suspect many more to follow trough-out the next year too. But there are also people who obtained new jobs. Although not exactly what they want but it is better than no job at all.

Somewhere I read that undergraduates will find more job placements in the current economy. To a certain extent I believe that. But to which is always to the benefit of the companies that employ them. Why do I say so? It is simple really.... experienced workers are expensive and these bunch of people know what to demand for. It hurts a company's bottom line because the cost is high. What they need are just robots and minimal amount of experience.

So every couple of years what these private companies do is flush their man-power in keeping only key positions whom has the experience and expertise in managing minions. They kick out those that are not assets and aptly call them collateral damage. Sad but very true. In return they begin recruiting once more for fresh graduates to turn them to simple and inexpensive labour.

So yes times a re good for fresh graduates but many are not coached to be leaders. Simply because these current managers want to keep their jobs and ensure a predictable environment to manage. But I would call these bunch selfish and passive managers. They know their job and they do it but they don't teach and guide their subordinates to be more skillful employees.

Everyone wants to keep and grow their rice bowl. Very predictable, naive and selfish. So what about those who are relived from their jobs? Well they will be bitter of course and will built to understand that they are not to work for anyone anymore. Some will open some sort of business. While others with the lack of resources would just jump in line in the job market again.

Those who do built their own businesses are good contributors to the economy and add width to the cramp job market. So bless these souls for trying, but as many that are opened there are of equal numbers that go belly up. So this cycle goes on and on. To which there can be no end. But what is important to everyone is to persevere.

Yeah right, easier said than done. Not everyone works for the money all the time. I say only 70% of it is about the money, the rest is of other sort of satisfaction. But even this 70% is not definite. Sometimes one can be offered 20% increment just to stay on in the company but yet they choose to leave. The question here is why?

This one is not so simple. Put the dollar signs aside and dig deeper into the job scope. There are many forms of bullshit that one have to put up with. There is the office politics, that demanding and inconsiderate boss, or the lack of recognition for what one does to improve a department or company as a whole.

Honestly not many people gives a fuck of what others do these days. You do your work and I'll do mine and that is that. Of course it is more complex than it seems as detailed in many periodic publications with gaudy titles like "Keep the Bitch Boss Happy","The 7 Evil types of office mates", and my favourite "How to Keep Your Job and get a raise". Duh~ like try sucking his dick or her clit!

Well, it defines that these are the times of great demands. Of course it will never end and it will keep on rolling with more and more bitches and bastards annoying you every step of the way. Just bare in mind that at an earlier point they were once like you too~ slowly these very morons mutated into the monsters that they are now. Oblivious to others and devoid of compassion with the single mindedness of exterminating even an ant that is stealing their breadcrumbs off their desk. What to do? I feel sorry for the fresh graduates. They have no clue what they might become.

18 July, 2009

Must everything have a candle light vigil?

The death of a political aide, some politicians calling for a Royal Commission of Investigation and a very certain candle light vigil. Now this is the pattern of the opposition. In whatever the issue may be when one thing is suggested the rest will follow suit. It is like a package. If you ask me it is all bollocks.

I offer my condolences to the family of the departed and the lovely bride (now no more) and mother to be. But as usual everyone is taking cheap shots to thwart their enemies at every single opportunity. Why must there be a candle light vigil when someone gets thrown into the ISA, died, or held for questioning by the authorities? Isn't it such a waste of time?

Their emotions supersedes their gumption and most naturally would cause trouble of some sort. Most of the time more arrests and disruption of public peace. These people should act like the adults they are. You want to have a mass gathering holding candles for what purpose? Has it helped in any way? It is just stupid sympathy and the public would not really be paying that much of attention. Grow up and put the candles away, save it for your blackouts instead.

16 July, 2009

BN wins in Manik Urai. Morale booster ka?

True~ BN won. But the losers are sore and calling that the win was because of money politics. Put it simply they cant believe that they lost by a slim margin. Hmmm.... even if they lost by 2000 votes also they will cry foul anyway. So what else is new? But for BN winning in Manik Urai is a big thing. They have boasting rights for the next month or so and the BN camp can go on doing whatever it is they do feeling good.

But it does not change anything really. So PAS should just concentrate on keeping what they have and try to fit into PKR's plans. I seriously think this PKR thing is not really working well for all sides. That fuss in Kedah proves a point.

So it is back to business as usual and it is just a by election.

(Note: NO! BN did not win...this is written just to imagine IF BN won. Good try BN, but try harder.)

15 July, 2009

100 Days of Najib.

Critical thinkers will never think alike. By right they never should. It is perspective that holds the bigger picture but the argument is that the details are important as well. The plan is always perfect but execution is the failure. Well, I could sense that many were critical on Najib's first 100 days in office. However I do suspect it was not as critical as how many pressed their noses in on Tun Pak Lah on his first 100 days.

Critiques will be just critiques (me included). But I somehow do feel that Najib has a better grasp of things than his senior. It is either that or the way how the public is deviated from the main issues was cunningly done. What I do think is right is that the PM should be rated by the people as well as the corporate world. I mean it is only fair to do so and Najib can keep his KPI up as much as he is particular about the KPI of the public services.

I heard a host cum producer of a talk show being assigned a desk job since the audience of her show rated Najib a "D". Was it really necessary? I mean a talk show is just a talk show. It was the audience which voted not the producer. So what is really 100 days in office, did it make a difference? Somehow it does.

What this means is that Najib won't be a passing phase. The ruling party has lost ground because Tun M gave Tun Pak Lah a shot at running the country which I seriously do feel that it should be Najib all the while. Still Najib is not perfect and from my past posts I have mentioned that I hope Najib won't be PM. But it is substantially better now than when Pak Lah was PM.

So, Najib has pretty much got the basics covered in the sense that the people can see a silver lining in the clouds. Provided there are looking at the right cloud. Could Najib last another 500 days and improve his ratings? Could BN slip down a notch while Najib holds office? Enough tiny discounts and freebies. Now everyone has to work.... since there wont be anymore easy money after the 2nd stimulus package is used up. Now pray that the government wont change hands in the next elections. Because what this government now has promised can only be rewarded if they win in the next one.

10 July, 2009

Of course blame the execution, not the policy.

This matter that concerns English is pointed with the wrong finger. Education of Math and Science in English was first of all not planned properly in terms of resource. Now we have the PM saying that only a tiny number of teachers teaching Math and Science are comfortable teaching in English. Now... this is not the case that the students are having a hard time coping but it is the fact that teachers have a tough time coping.

Here I would like to raise the question on what is actually the content of teacher's training? If the training had a complete and comprehensive syllabus there would not be a problem where teachers are not comfortable teaching in English. We cannot blame the quality of students without first peeling the causes on the teacher's account.

Why is that teachers in the old days can converse very well in English? The current crop of teachers too can't be blamed. It is the execution of the education policy and the various programs that are not given much thought. The KPIs are not followed and a blind eye is given in regards of being lenient which now directly translates to the cause of the teachers themselves are not properly capable.

Having more hours for the English subject in school is not enough. Establishing an English Club for extra curricular activities cant do much because participation is not compulsory. Fine teach Math and Science in whatever mother tongue. Why not substitute it for History or Geography? What about Accounts and Economy? Moral Studies and Islamic Studies? Why not consider this?

Believe me the only way to master a language is to speak, read and write it as often as possible. Not relegate it into it's own subject of study. I bet you this, I can throw a coin randomly in a crowd of undergraduates and 9 out of 10 of them can't tell the difference what is past tense and present tense let alone speak good English. Honestly I worry with great disgust on the probability that my children and grandchildren will go to public schools and not being able to master the English language. Just to safe-guard the family and their future I might just resort to teaching them English myself.

08 July, 2009

50% carrot for selling Khir's House?

Ng Sue Lim surely knows an oppurtunity when he sees one. But a 50% commission upon selling the house of ex-MB of Selangor is too much. Now if truly one is a politician and is loyal in serving the public he should declare that the excess will be funnelled back to the state government for charitable cause or some community project funding for the less fortunate.

But what house of Khir's that could possibly be worth RM24 million? Really if anyone were to have property of that value it should be a commercial centre of sorts. On what basis was that figure calculated? Inclusive of furniture and fixtures? Or including everything that is of personal belonging of Khir's family? I have seen mantions in and out of it~ on what extravagence could a house be RM24 million? To me it could only be a castle and that house in question is not a castle by a long shot.

This is what we see when we see one politician who is trying to lay low versus one that wants to be noticed. Lim should be better off concentrate on his constituency rather than some other politician's house / hut / mansion / castle.

07 July, 2009

10 things that politicians must do.

Here is a list of things a politician must do to be well.... a politician.

  • Give handshakes till your palm cramps up and resembles like a useless limb.
  • Smile - Regardless if one is happy, sad, mourning, mad even if suffering from hernia.
  • Able to say hello in at least 4 different languages. Mother toungue does not count.
  • The great urge to be seen in Continental cars~ (ok Toyota pun bole lah)
  • Get hands dirty by planting a tree in some development project that they have a share in.
  • Spends an outrageous amount on calf skins (the more exotic the animal the better) handbags and shoes for their wife or wives.
  • Try at best to send one of their child to a Varsity Overseas.
  • Walk for a couple of hundred yards in crowds of supporters. Especially if there is a Video camera of a local TV station around.
  • Either speak hopelessly in English or BM (Normally they get the pronunciations messed up)
  • Buying property and putting it under the names of their children, wife/wives, other family members.
Well of course there are tonnes more. But I am looking it from the point of view how sometimes regulations and laws imposed on these politicians are ridiculous and their lifestyle is not so great as one might think. Some are good but most are pretty useless~ which is apparent for the last couple of years. However they do provide some form of entertainment once in awhile. And it is totally hilarious.

06 July, 2009

Strong Coffee? Kopi Kuat? Kencing Kuat.

There is a lot of cultural essence shared with coffee. Almost everywhere we go the coffee drinking culture was something that can be enjoyed from the rich to the poor. But the sexualy stimulating concoctions are truely a version that the market demands in Malaysia has perfected. Of course there are the Ginseng and other types of herbal tonics that claims to give man the almighty girth and stamina of a gorilla. But why the obsession with ego boosting performance?

It is culture that is perhaps the major cause for such drinks or concoctions exists. It has gotten so bad that erectile dysfunction among the most horrifc things that a man can just flip and possibly decide to commit suicide. Hance all these demands has to be met~ and businesses are scrambling to "suck" the market dry.

So we have really cheesy names for these miricle beverages. Mostly it has something to do closely with tigers, ships, roots and other icons that strikes the term big and strong. But honest most of it promisses more than what it can really offer. Most to most it makes one sweat like a pig and probably stink like one too.

I read somewhere that Malaysia is the 7th most horny country in the world. So I guess those who get get their gigs up cant be that many~ or perhaps those are not sexual preference specific. Whatever it may be this caffeine with additives business is getting abit out of hand and it is partially a con job. If you need an erection~ do plenty of excercise and a healthy diet. Or perhaps, your partner is not really doing a good job. Now think about it~ why we men get blamed when we cant get it on when the women seems to be busy getting spasms just from shopping? My point is the coffee is bollocks.

The overpaid managers.

I figure that careers are built based on experience and charisma apart from the knowledge. However I am certain there are those who snake their way up because they are either too lazy to do it the right way or are way pent u with greed up to their nostrils. I believe many have taken this route and somehow maintained a comfy life at the sacrifice the careers of others.

I have seen many a type of managers in my quest in building my career thus far. Some were OK, none were great while most are just ass holes. The corporate ladder seems to extend to the heavens for these "gifted" individuals that they seem relentless in their pursuit for power and of course paycheck. But believe me they don't even deserve half of what they are earning.

There are a few types of bosses one should be weary about. One... he or she is the owh so nice so understanding but a satan in disguise type. He or she might be a very understanding boss, seems to smile a lot (in fact they are actually mildly infected with rabies) and does not boss you around that much~ BEWARE this on is a fast mouth. So fast that it makes chicken shit feel worse than chicken shit.

Next is the kind of Manager who is like Menopause but you swear they bleed from their noses. These are partial workaholics. Why partial? They only work when someone higher up has given he or she to work and lead a team and their very existence depends on it. Pethatic? You bet!!! These kinds are annoying and also love to call for a meeting for every single tiny thing. Owh and announces about that meeting like 10 times trough all channels of communications to the colleagues a day before.

Down this illustrious line of Managers are those who actually has nothing to do. Basically we called Inquiry Managers whereby they act as notice boards for their bosses. These bunch is normally those started working with the company since it started. They are essentially executives which were derived from minimal all no formal qualifications and are essentially loners. Lack social skills but tries very hard to fit in however fail miserably. And always always pay for everyone's drinks thinking that is a Human resource investment.

Then we have affair managers. They are legitimate managers by right but participate in extra-curricular activities during working hours. They are perverts to put it in the crudest sense but now some might have evolved into full blown extra marital affairs. The cost of their hobbies are borne by the company they work with and deceivingly relating all their extra merital affairs as business ventures. What are they really selling is actually STDs.

Following that we have the hyper happy favourite subordinate of the Manager. Not a manager in the actual sense but thinks he or she is some sort of the assistant manager. But they behave like managers so they fit into this group nicely in a way. What they do is also hardly anything at all. They tag behinds their bosses like baby rodents tailing it mother. Whatever the boss says they say correct without a hint of a brain. They will be the first to be in the office when they know big bosses are coming and they will be the last to leave so they can suck up to the bosses again.

Another type of manager are the ones that are relatively nice, looks alright but there is a deep dark secret. They are GAY and/or PERVERTS. Ok ok it is not my intention to discriminate but why can't they seem to be professional? Anything within the radius of 500 meters of the place of work is inappropriate for such sexual advances. But with some question I do think sexual harassment are seldom reported because the victim to some extent mildly enjoys it as well. So if someone teases and then there is a physical response that means it must be between 2 consenting adults. But at the office? Owh gross!!!

Well these are the sort of managers which I have encountered or stories that were told to me by friends. Hoever it does not mean that all the other "type" of managers are bad. There are good ones and I have had the pleasure of working with them. But if we are looking up that corporate ladder and one day see our self as a manager then please for god's sake don't be like the once I have detailed above. Character is good. Charisma is good. Charms is good but not the obnoxious blundering psychomaniac perverts that I have mentioned.

01 July, 2009

Deport Dirty Ghandis? WTF?

I received this message in my Facebook today....


Deport ALL Dirty Gandhis -- ( Hindus ) -- from Malaysia


All hindus are called, Dirty Gandhis.

Dirty Gandhis have been sucking the blood from our economy and 2 years ago, they instigated riots and caused millions of euros worth of loss. These subversive Dirty Gandhis should all be deported from Malaysia and a ban should be placed upon the arrival of the Dirty Gandhis in Malaysia.

We do need foreign labour to work in the emerging industries in Malaysia, but we can get this labour from other countries and we dont need these sabotage minded Dirty Gandhis in Malaysia.

Our simple message and slogan is :

"Deport the Dirty Gandhis from Malaysia"

Please pass this message on to as many of your friends as possible.

Shihab -- A proud Malaysian

After reading it, I find that how can one be a proud Malaysian and be a racist at the same time? This Shihad fellow is one messed up pandi.