07 July, 2009

10 things that politicians must do.

Here is a list of things a politician must do to be well.... a politician.

  • Give handshakes till your palm cramps up and resembles like a useless limb.
  • Smile - Regardless if one is happy, sad, mourning, mad even if suffering from hernia.
  • Able to say hello in at least 4 different languages. Mother toungue does not count.
  • The great urge to be seen in Continental cars~ (ok Toyota pun bole lah)
  • Get hands dirty by planting a tree in some development project that they have a share in.
  • Spends an outrageous amount on calf skins (the more exotic the animal the better) handbags and shoes for their wife or wives.
  • Try at best to send one of their child to a Varsity Overseas.
  • Walk for a couple of hundred yards in crowds of supporters. Especially if there is a Video camera of a local TV station around.
  • Either speak hopelessly in English or BM (Normally they get the pronunciations messed up)
  • Buying property and putting it under the names of their children, wife/wives, other family members.
Well of course there are tonnes more. But I am looking it from the point of view how sometimes regulations and laws imposed on these politicians are ridiculous and their lifestyle is not so great as one might think. Some are good but most are pretty useless~ which is apparent for the last couple of years. However they do provide some form of entertainment once in awhile. And it is totally hilarious.

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