15 July, 2009

100 Days of Najib.

Critical thinkers will never think alike. By right they never should. It is perspective that holds the bigger picture but the argument is that the details are important as well. The plan is always perfect but execution is the failure. Well, I could sense that many were critical on Najib's first 100 days in office. However I do suspect it was not as critical as how many pressed their noses in on Tun Pak Lah on his first 100 days.

Critiques will be just critiques (me included). But I somehow do feel that Najib has a better grasp of things than his senior. It is either that or the way how the public is deviated from the main issues was cunningly done. What I do think is right is that the PM should be rated by the people as well as the corporate world. I mean it is only fair to do so and Najib can keep his KPI up as much as he is particular about the KPI of the public services.

I heard a host cum producer of a talk show being assigned a desk job since the audience of her show rated Najib a "D". Was it really necessary? I mean a talk show is just a talk show. It was the audience which voted not the producer. So what is really 100 days in office, did it make a difference? Somehow it does.

What this means is that Najib won't be a passing phase. The ruling party has lost ground because Tun M gave Tun Pak Lah a shot at running the country which I seriously do feel that it should be Najib all the while. Still Najib is not perfect and from my past posts I have mentioned that I hope Najib won't be PM. But it is substantially better now than when Pak Lah was PM.

So, Najib has pretty much got the basics covered in the sense that the people can see a silver lining in the clouds. Provided there are looking at the right cloud. Could Najib last another 500 days and improve his ratings? Could BN slip down a notch while Najib holds office? Enough tiny discounts and freebies. Now everyone has to work.... since there wont be anymore easy money after the 2nd stimulus package is used up. Now pray that the government wont change hands in the next elections. Because what this government now has promised can only be rewarded if they win in the next one.

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