08 July, 2009

50% carrot for selling Khir's House?

Ng Sue Lim surely knows an oppurtunity when he sees one. But a 50% commission upon selling the house of ex-MB of Selangor is too much. Now if truly one is a politician and is loyal in serving the public he should declare that the excess will be funnelled back to the state government for charitable cause or some community project funding for the less fortunate.

But what house of Khir's that could possibly be worth RM24 million? Really if anyone were to have property of that value it should be a commercial centre of sorts. On what basis was that figure calculated? Inclusive of furniture and fixtures? Or including everything that is of personal belonging of Khir's family? I have seen mantions in and out of it~ on what extravagence could a house be RM24 million? To me it could only be a castle and that house in question is not a castle by a long shot.

This is what we see when we see one politician who is trying to lay low versus one that wants to be noticed. Lim should be better off concentrate on his constituency rather than some other politician's house / hut / mansion / castle.

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