16 July, 2009

BN wins in Manik Urai. Morale booster ka?

True~ BN won. But the losers are sore and calling that the win was because of money politics. Put it simply they cant believe that they lost by a slim margin. Hmmm.... even if they lost by 2000 votes also they will cry foul anyway. So what else is new? But for BN winning in Manik Urai is a big thing. They have boasting rights for the next month or so and the BN camp can go on doing whatever it is they do feeling good.

But it does not change anything really. So PAS should just concentrate on keeping what they have and try to fit into PKR's plans. I seriously think this PKR thing is not really working well for all sides. That fuss in Kedah proves a point.

So it is back to business as usual and it is just a by election.

(Note: NO! BN did not win...this is written just to imagine IF BN won. Good try BN, but try harder.)

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