18 July, 2009

Must everything have a candle light vigil?

The death of a political aide, some politicians calling for a Royal Commission of Investigation and a very certain candle light vigil. Now this is the pattern of the opposition. In whatever the issue may be when one thing is suggested the rest will follow suit. It is like a package. If you ask me it is all bollocks.

I offer my condolences to the family of the departed and the lovely bride (now no more) and mother to be. But as usual everyone is taking cheap shots to thwart their enemies at every single opportunity. Why must there be a candle light vigil when someone gets thrown into the ISA, died, or held for questioning by the authorities? Isn't it such a waste of time?

Their emotions supersedes their gumption and most naturally would cause trouble of some sort. Most of the time more arrests and disruption of public peace. These people should act like the adults they are. You want to have a mass gathering holding candles for what purpose? Has it helped in any way? It is just stupid sympathy and the public would not really be paying that much of attention. Grow up and put the candles away, save it for your blackouts instead.

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