27 July, 2009

National KPI announced. Details 6 key areas for improvement.

From what is reported in NST the KPI developed is to evaluate improvements in 6 key areas in a moderate amount of time. Firstly as a rakyat I am happy that finally this is employed in the government. Second, it is crucial that all criticism and comments by the people or oragnizations are based on the details of this KPI set forth.

My concern is that let it not be only the 6 key areas in question that has concentrated efforts. Although the 6 key areas covered is pretty much what is important in pooling efforts to make this country a better place and efficient.

However at this point it has not been announced if the whitepaper for the NKPI will be released to the public to inform the rest of us how exactly the KPI is calculated. It is imperative that the formula should be made public so that the rakyat knows if the KPI is working or not.

The PM is fully aware that above all else his leadership will be judged by the people and not by his cabinet of ministers or by his peers of other countries. Thus the information to the KPI makes perfect sense to be released to the public using propper channels. Proper channels I mean not by blogs of ministers or MPs but officially trough the various government websites and portals already available.

It is also good to note that by releasing this information various parties such as public varsities can scrutinize the details and make further research for better understanding and for future planning. Key evaluation areas that are stipulated in the document can then be applied across other bodies in the public sector.

Remember, introducing KPIs is not a definite solution in improving services but it is a yardstick to base all future undertakings. One more query I would like to make is what is the definition of "moderate period"? Is it 3 years, 5 years or 10 years? In my humble opinion if it were to follow the same timespan as the NEC than it could be a case of too long and too late for remedy.

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