06 July, 2009

The overpaid managers.

I figure that careers are built based on experience and charisma apart from the knowledge. However I am certain there are those who snake their way up because they are either too lazy to do it the right way or are way pent u with greed up to their nostrils. I believe many have taken this route and somehow maintained a comfy life at the sacrifice the careers of others.

I have seen many a type of managers in my quest in building my career thus far. Some were OK, none were great while most are just ass holes. The corporate ladder seems to extend to the heavens for these "gifted" individuals that they seem relentless in their pursuit for power and of course paycheck. But believe me they don't even deserve half of what they are earning.

There are a few types of bosses one should be weary about. One... he or she is the owh so nice so understanding but a satan in disguise type. He or she might be a very understanding boss, seems to smile a lot (in fact they are actually mildly infected with rabies) and does not boss you around that much~ BEWARE this on is a fast mouth. So fast that it makes chicken shit feel worse than chicken shit.

Next is the kind of Manager who is like Menopause but you swear they bleed from their noses. These are partial workaholics. Why partial? They only work when someone higher up has given he or she to work and lead a team and their very existence depends on it. Pethatic? You bet!!! These kinds are annoying and also love to call for a meeting for every single tiny thing. Owh and announces about that meeting like 10 times trough all channels of communications to the colleagues a day before.

Down this illustrious line of Managers are those who actually has nothing to do. Basically we called Inquiry Managers whereby they act as notice boards for their bosses. These bunch is normally those started working with the company since it started. They are essentially executives which were derived from minimal all no formal qualifications and are essentially loners. Lack social skills but tries very hard to fit in however fail miserably. And always always pay for everyone's drinks thinking that is a Human resource investment.

Then we have affair managers. They are legitimate managers by right but participate in extra-curricular activities during working hours. They are perverts to put it in the crudest sense but now some might have evolved into full blown extra marital affairs. The cost of their hobbies are borne by the company they work with and deceivingly relating all their extra merital affairs as business ventures. What are they really selling is actually STDs.

Following that we have the hyper happy favourite subordinate of the Manager. Not a manager in the actual sense but thinks he or she is some sort of the assistant manager. But they behave like managers so they fit into this group nicely in a way. What they do is also hardly anything at all. They tag behinds their bosses like baby rodents tailing it mother. Whatever the boss says they say correct without a hint of a brain. They will be the first to be in the office when they know big bosses are coming and they will be the last to leave so they can suck up to the bosses again.

Another type of manager are the ones that are relatively nice, looks alright but there is a deep dark secret. They are GAY and/or PERVERTS. Ok ok it is not my intention to discriminate but why can't they seem to be professional? Anything within the radius of 500 meters of the place of work is inappropriate for such sexual advances. But with some question I do think sexual harassment are seldom reported because the victim to some extent mildly enjoys it as well. So if someone teases and then there is a physical response that means it must be between 2 consenting adults. But at the office? Owh gross!!!

Well these are the sort of managers which I have encountered or stories that were told to me by friends. Hoever it does not mean that all the other "type" of managers are bad. There are good ones and I have had the pleasure of working with them. But if we are looking up that corporate ladder and one day see our self as a manager then please for god's sake don't be like the once I have detailed above. Character is good. Charisma is good. Charms is good but not the obnoxious blundering psychomaniac perverts that I have mentioned.

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