06 July, 2009

Strong Coffee? Kopi Kuat? Kencing Kuat.

There is a lot of cultural essence shared with coffee. Almost everywhere we go the coffee drinking culture was something that can be enjoyed from the rich to the poor. But the sexualy stimulating concoctions are truely a version that the market demands in Malaysia has perfected. Of course there are the Ginseng and other types of herbal tonics that claims to give man the almighty girth and stamina of a gorilla. But why the obsession with ego boosting performance?

It is culture that is perhaps the major cause for such drinks or concoctions exists. It has gotten so bad that erectile dysfunction among the most horrifc things that a man can just flip and possibly decide to commit suicide. Hance all these demands has to be met~ and businesses are scrambling to "suck" the market dry.

So we have really cheesy names for these miricle beverages. Mostly it has something to do closely with tigers, ships, roots and other icons that strikes the term big and strong. But honest most of it promisses more than what it can really offer. Most to most it makes one sweat like a pig and probably stink like one too.

I read somewhere that Malaysia is the 7th most horny country in the world. So I guess those who get get their gigs up cant be that many~ or perhaps those are not sexual preference specific. Whatever it may be this caffeine with additives business is getting abit out of hand and it is partially a con job. If you need an erection~ do plenty of excercise and a healthy diet. Or perhaps, your partner is not really doing a good job. Now think about it~ why we men get blamed when we cant get it on when the women seems to be busy getting spasms just from shopping? My point is the coffee is bollocks.

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