24 July, 2009

Times of great demand.

Very well we understand the economic rut we are in. Many have been laid off and I suspect many more to follow trough-out the next year too. But there are also people who obtained new jobs. Although not exactly what they want but it is better than no job at all.

Somewhere I read that undergraduates will find more job placements in the current economy. To a certain extent I believe that. But to which is always to the benefit of the companies that employ them. Why do I say so? It is simple really.... experienced workers are expensive and these bunch of people know what to demand for. It hurts a company's bottom line because the cost is high. What they need are just robots and minimal amount of experience.

So every couple of years what these private companies do is flush their man-power in keeping only key positions whom has the experience and expertise in managing minions. They kick out those that are not assets and aptly call them collateral damage. Sad but very true. In return they begin recruiting once more for fresh graduates to turn them to simple and inexpensive labour.

So yes times a re good for fresh graduates but many are not coached to be leaders. Simply because these current managers want to keep their jobs and ensure a predictable environment to manage. But I would call these bunch selfish and passive managers. They know their job and they do it but they don't teach and guide their subordinates to be more skillful employees.

Everyone wants to keep and grow their rice bowl. Very predictable, naive and selfish. So what about those who are relived from their jobs? Well they will be bitter of course and will built to understand that they are not to work for anyone anymore. Some will open some sort of business. While others with the lack of resources would just jump in line in the job market again.

Those who do built their own businesses are good contributors to the economy and add width to the cramp job market. So bless these souls for trying, but as many that are opened there are of equal numbers that go belly up. So this cycle goes on and on. To which there can be no end. But what is important to everyone is to persevere.

Yeah right, easier said than done. Not everyone works for the money all the time. I say only 70% of it is about the money, the rest is of other sort of satisfaction. But even this 70% is not definite. Sometimes one can be offered 20% increment just to stay on in the company but yet they choose to leave. The question here is why?

This one is not so simple. Put the dollar signs aside and dig deeper into the job scope. There are many forms of bullshit that one have to put up with. There is the office politics, that demanding and inconsiderate boss, or the lack of recognition for what one does to improve a department or company as a whole.

Honestly not many people gives a fuck of what others do these days. You do your work and I'll do mine and that is that. Of course it is more complex than it seems as detailed in many periodic publications with gaudy titles like "Keep the Bitch Boss Happy","The 7 Evil types of office mates", and my favourite "How to Keep Your Job and get a raise". Duh~ like try sucking his dick or her clit!

Well, it defines that these are the times of great demands. Of course it will never end and it will keep on rolling with more and more bitches and bastards annoying you every step of the way. Just bare in mind that at an earlier point they were once like you too~ slowly these very morons mutated into the monsters that they are now. Oblivious to others and devoid of compassion with the single mindedness of exterminating even an ant that is stealing their breadcrumbs off their desk. What to do? I feel sorry for the fresh graduates. They have no clue what they might become.


Paul said...

I guess like all other times of strife that our forefathers go through (World War II comes to mind), this one is no different. I suppose our generation had it easy initially (especially during college days), then the subprime crisis hit. Probably what is happening is that most people, i.e. fresh graduates, are ill-equipped to go through the tough times.

So in essence, I believe people revert to what is most comfortable, that is to put 'I' first and foremost. Whether in management or the lower ranks. Counterintuitively, it's probably by knowing what others do, you can expand your opportunities and differentiate yourself from the crowd, making yourself indispensable to the job market. Just my two cents.

Linda said...

This is a great blog, its reads like someone who knows is not afraid to say what everyone is thinking.

However I put forward to you this one thought. You say you feel sorry for fresh graduates, but what do you suppose that they do?