31 July, 2009

What about the money making blogs?

It appears there are more and more money making blogs out there. How far the tips and know how is true can't be proven out right. But with such positive posts that we see very so often I can't help but the question could it be true. Well yeah all my blogs are monitized. but the purpose is so that it can sufficiently finance the domain and hosting. Thats it.

It this financial rut we live in now I guess many more are desperate to find ways to make more money. Can't blame them, survival is important. These blogs are would just revolve a few key words. Money, Make, Cash, and all that falls within the scope of making money online.

Honestly most posts do not exceed 3 paragraphs. Which I think it is just nothing more than maximizing keyword count. Naturally people would Google "Making Money" and the top blogs will be in the top ten list. So the blog is popular and many are clicking to see what is in it then find out there is practically nothing but bragging posts.

It is sickening and down right a waste of bandwidth. But yeah where is the gold there will be the golddiggers. Just like ants to sugar. So what now? Show me the money? Come on. Write something useful.

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