20 August, 2009

Blindly follow to the death trap.

The Port Klang Authority are really in for it this time. Looks like the trust they had for PKFZ management has ended belly side up. Now it is for dead the PKA will be in for a sour of a time because of simply too much trust given to PKFZ.

Now what is suspected is that certain decisions was made without the full knowledge of the PKA. Or perhaps it is the "You leave it all to me, everything will be OK lah". It appears that it is not a practiced policy on the dissemination of information. Thus one party may say something and the received information evolves into something else.

What the investigation of this matter should include is all forms of communication done. Letters, memos and emails must be looked into to see any discrepencies. The correspondents then will need to be questioned for all the communication made between them.

Looks like this is far from settled and many more heads will roll.

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