03 August, 2009

I don't want to invest in Malaysia because of street protest!!!

Uncle Sam is really ridiculous. Although no longer in office but still he comes up with the most ridiculous things to say. Now he claims that investors will shy away from Malaysia because of the street demos. Huh?? Really?

Comparitively we have only a handful of street demos as compared to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and some European nations. Yet they seem to attract investors like ants to sugar. I do agree that all this while a proper venue and outlet is lacking for protests. So the government should just allocate a spot.

We don't have riots and destroy public property unless being provoked by some henchmen of some politician hiding behind a tinted glass. Now Najib suggests to hold gathering in stadiums. In a way that is good because then our stadiums would not be underutilized but someone has to pay.

So right then ~ Sam is asking why the protest now? In case he has been living under those hair implants the issue about ISA has been argued long before Anwar was implicated by the you know who. So it was a right thing that Najib did not include this bad hair day guy in his list of ministers. Seems to be Sam is starting to loose his marbles a bit if not entirely.

For investors to come in all that is need to be done is not to entirely protect local businesses. Waive the policies that hinders fair competition and growth then we shall see local businesses pick up pace or die off since they are too weak. But of course then the politicians will die too~ since they are such a wuss and need protection all the time. Sounds like bad condoms to me.

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