20 August, 2009

Job Interview Tips Twist : Tip 1 to 6

Job Interview Tip 1 # You know the company is bad if the person who interviews you stinks like bad Yam Cake.

Job Interview Tip 2# You know that the company is not for you when the parking costs alone is more than 10% of your pay accumulated for a month and the company does not pay it for you

Job Interview Tip 3# The company offers more than 50% your asking pay. For you know you will be signing up to hell afterwards and basically selling your soul to the devil. You might get rich in the process but you end up senile. You choose.

Job Interview Tip 4# If you arrive and see there are other candidates waiting their turn do not disclose to them exactly what position you are there for. Also do not start chit chatting and sharing ideas. It does not benefit you or them because you are competitors. You want that job right? So behave like you need it.

Job Interview Tip 5# Don't arrive all sweaty. Call the receptionist a few days before and get the address and survey the place. Please arrive after a meal in your stomach. You dont want your stomach growling in anger during the interview.

Job Interview Tip #6 Ask if the company is religion friendly. If Muslim ask if they have a Surau and the flexible hours for Friday prayers. If not give them the royal finger and walk out...


Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

kinshuk said...

Nice to read something light hearted every now and then. Loved your stuff. Refreshing.

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