17 August, 2009

MACC: The thick skinned assult.

Many many issues of late that surrounds the MACC. With the one that tops the list is the death of a political aide. The reports so far from that investigation is vague~ there seems to be a lot of "maybe" in it all and those testifying cant be said to be conclusive to one say. Somehow in all this the MACC is getting the uglier butt of the stick. But since when being popular matters in their line of duty?

There has been many questioning if MACC is fair in what they do. In fact the number of people being investigated is claimed to be more towards those who appose the government. Well how far this is true I am not too sure but the press seems to prefer covering casses of the opposition with indepth commentaries as compared to those affiliated to BN.

For sure MACC could not be blamed entirely and at the same time it does not help being disliked either. In retaliation for investigating politicians MACC might even want to review it's methods. More because of getting sick and tired of being criticized rather than non effective investigation methods.

But who is lying to who really? One side say the other is lying~ the other quickly lambasts and refute the claims just as swiftly. Observers like the rakyat are just left the bitter bit of second guessing what is what and who did what. What is the outcome is immeterial because I do believe that Politicians are never clean. In fact to some extent politicians are meant to be that way. If not for dirty tactics then how to survive? It takes one to be one in order to stay as one. I just have to say if MACC really wants to go out there and do whatever it takes to get the job done then regardless of whoever says anything about them, they have to just get on to it. Guilty or not is up to the courst to decide and not MACC. Simple~ Investigate push it forward trough the system and let the law handle everything else.

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