17 August, 2009

Net Etiquette: The Blueprint of failure.

Safe keeping the Nation's fundementals so they say. What is the Nation's fundementals? Democracy? Which version of it? Their version or the rakyat's version? This race, religion and royalty matter is obviously overplyed. If in the first place the culture does not inhibit such things whould there be a problem? Looks like the root cause of such things is in the system itself.

So with pointing fingers to others there is 4 pointing back towards you. So just look at what the ruling party has educated all of us all these years. Those leaders that have come and gone all have racist prejudice.... some even went to threaten the royals to follow their demands otherwise certain benefits are withdrawn.

So what etiquette exists? What online rule of thumb to follow? What the hell is the minister talking about? Regulating is not the solution~ better leaders are. So don't just say and think one has a brilliant idea. Walk the talk then we shall see.

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