05 August, 2009

Parents to face music for children's participation.

The recent ISA rally proved again to be something in vain. On top of that again there are those under aged who took part or facilitated in the illegal gathering. Now it has been suggested that the 44 juveniles that were detained, their parent are the ones that should face the music. If that happens then what happens to the kids?

I doubt that most of them are below comprehendable age, meaning they are too young to know what they are doing. I bet you that they do know what it is for and perhaps some of them their parents have no idea what they were up to. It is not like the kids walk up to their parent and hand in a permission letter to participate in an illegal rally right?

Unless of course that the parent knew about it and even encouraged their kids to partake in such things. Well, if that is the case the parents should be charged in court. I think sometime back when the BERSIH rally took place in KL there were juveniles involved and when the FRU started blasting their water cannons these kids were somewhat caught in the middle.

Now to these parents who know what their kids were up to and still allowed them to go, they should be in jail. Yes, why not? Responsibility towards minors are still rests on their parent's shoulders. But what about those who do not have a clue? Could there be truth that they did not know? Were these children doing things behind their back? This is what that needs to be investigated further. We dont want someone to be in jail for the wrong reasons now would we?

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Tekkaus said...

I believe parents should be more responsible. Allowing them to involve in such activities really showed their negligence. =(