17 August, 2009

Permatang Pasir: Rohaizad is ready for the taunts.

It is insignificant or so says BN supporters on the issue of their candidate being dropped from the Bar Council's list. By law he did nothing wrong. But it is clearly stated in NST that morally what he did was not right. Hmmm.... what exactly it was I couldn't find it. but nonetheless Rohaizad says that he is ready for the insults in that respect come by election day.

Brave one that man but it is not like we are not accustomed to BN fielding someone who has a past they wish to forget. So now it seems that BN claims not to bring up the past but it is OK for them to bring up skeletons of their challengers. When it is the "cakap tak serupa bikin" things leave it to BN to devise the penultimate plot.

Good note that they did not say he was a lawyer.

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