04 August, 2009

The Prius is in town. How green can Malaysia be?

It's that time again when reason for purchase will be for novelty rather than common sense. Well not entirely.... it will help the environment somewhat. We welcome the remarkable Toyota Prius. But Honda beat it to the punch first with thier own Hybrid earlier this year. But with these two cars available are we that environmentally conscious enough?

Honestly I am not. One I drive a petrol powered vehicle. So does my wife. Not guzzlers but still burns harmful carbons and CO2. I don't separate my garbage either. But what I do is to turn off every single power outlets in my house that are not used. Honestly I don't see why the fuss is about burning less fuel. Unless of course the prices shoot up again.

It is kind of hard I suppose for a developing country such as ours to well limit the burning of carbon and the use of other natural resources. Plus it is not like the government has been doing really well in their campaigns. So how significant is it that Malaysians would buy a hybrid? Not much unless it is as a spur of the moment thing.... but those really are genuine, the Prius might be just the fix for sleepless nights.

There is one certain way for this country to go greener. Turn off the lights~ yes those decoration of lights in the city. Turn them off~ But then the tourist would not be able to see a thing. Or tell a tree between another tree. Hmmm... but the thing that irks me somewhat is the price tag on the Prius. RM175,000 to use less Petrol? Huh? I wonder what is the ROI on that thing. Thank you Government for the stupid tax structure.

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