07 August, 2009

Raise wages to retain locals?

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam statement could make him a favourite amongst the low to medium income rakyat, but not to those running a company. I have to agree to some extent that Malaysian firms are neglecting their social responsibility but there are mistakes also by their employees. The culture here is very much different than lets say Singapore.

Raising wages is so easy to say than implement. First there are a lot of key areas to consider. One are the bosses happy how deep their pockets are? Two, are the bosses boss happy with his deep pockets? Three, Are the investors happy with their deep pockets. You see where I am getting at here? Suffice to say those bosses are actually never happy and can never be satisfied no matter how deep their pockets are. Then don't get me started on those who are power crazy.

Alright, perhaps there are companies out there that practices good KPI methods but again where are the priorities set in the policies? Heck I bet you that most companies do not have properly written policies and it changes according to the moods of those on top. Yet companies especially private limited ones are not governed by any specific laws. The employment act is still not complete and enforcement is very relaxed.

There was a move to have a minimum wage policy, but I guess that idea did not materialize since there was no word on it. If it is important for the country to retain local workers then we know the priority is to have that minimum wage policy. I guess that our human resources are not that important to retain.

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