12 August, 2009

Seditious blogs are in for it again.

This is not surprising. What else is there to expect from such a government that we have? Somehow bloggers get the bad rep. It is a good bet that those seditious blogs are not owned by professional bloggers, but by those who knows a tiny bit of what a blog is and are fairly computer literate then do create a blog is not hard at all.

I could bet my left nut that these are hit and run bloggers. Well, like they only blog for the sake of just causing trouble. Instigators would be more accurate to describe these buggers that gives us bloggers a bad name.

So let them be investigated. But all they can do is catch them and throw them away in a detention camp. But their ideas and words are still out there in the world wide web. So the authorities can close them blogs down but I assure you more will pop up. It's like an infectious virus.

Are you in fear that your blog contains seditious articles? Perhaps one or two is not a problem. The thing is the authorities already know which blogs to target. So if you have yet to receive the call then it is most likely you wont be charged~ for now. So just clean up your blog or restrict access to the page.

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