19 August, 2009

Stinky: Sail together or sink individually.

This is from my personal account. There is a specific person in mind but nevermind about that. My arguement here is the motto. "Sail together or sink individually"? Now with a glance does that sound right? From one's motto a person could tell what sort of mentality you have and this confirms my suspicion that apart from being absolutely stupid this person is ignorant as well.

It somewhat describes one would love to follow but at the hint of troule he will abandon you at moments notice. How comforting. Applying that to the real world (somehow I think he lives in a made up world of his own) it could never be applied even once with success.

From someone's status in Facebook or Skype or something they post in twitter the character of a person can be clearly described in a short sentence. Proudly displaying arrogance and a self absorbed persona which naturally does not bring any good or friends.

Clearly such a person can never be counted on unless there is something in for that person. There is not a charitable heart in the individual or is there any forgiveness in him. Of course I can put this sentence in a positive manner but the way it is applied in this situation is simply what we Asian call as Kiasu.

If any of you have such a person within your office, you will not loose anything by not taking this moron into your team. In fact everything could just go wrong if you do. I can't imagine if such a thing is applied on a ship. It would probably sink the moment it leaves port. No man or animal deserves a person that is so self absorbed. When it is good they are there with you when you wilt they fly away from you. In the end it is best to say FUCK you..... drown bitch drown.

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