20 August, 2009

Tun M suggest that race and religion details be dropped from official forms.

From the article in NST Dr. M agrees for the race and religion columns be dropped from official forms. Not that it is really being used. To some extent I agree. Most of the time it is a very annoying thing to fill up. But sometimes this information is useful to properly coordinate conduct towards a person.

However it must be a good idea because then one will not pre-judge someone before meeting the person themselves. It gives the opportunity for a very fair view. Especially in interviews. But could it be possible that the trend will catch on in the private sector if the government were to decide on abolishing this? It is an old habit.... which extends beyond just clerical significance.

Often we see description for job placements that specifies race. Well, if the job in question concerns in tendering liquor or pork then it is understandable. But if it is not then why should there be specifics for race and gender? Well, in my line of work often the fairer sex do not last very long. Either the politics disgusts them or the work pressure it self is beyond what they can cope. Thus most of the time we have to specify gender and sometimes race~ since you know... our government has this Bumiputera allocation thingy.

So for just a simple form adjustments it actually rally boils down way deeper than one might think. So for this form to omit race and religion then we have all got to change our mindset. Now that is very hard to do since for generations we have been practicing to solicit this idea daily. So would this effort be useful? No, certainly not anytime soon. For as long there is the habit of race or religion specific preference then these forms will forever be used.

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