29 September, 2009

Tun M realized finally that we were getting fed up of him.

Some believe that leaders are born while some have valid reasons to believe that they are trained and educated. I would say both are somewhat true. In respect to Tun M and the 22 years he raigned as PM I have great admiration. Not because he was PM for so long but for the fact that someone who could be content and complecent he choose not to and in the end gave up his seat with dignity for a change.

I can bet my Ringgit that not many leaders are willing to do that even if they are given a 50 year term. They would want to stay 50 more perhaps for reasons that retirement gets them out of their comfort zone. Like many a transition of power of other countries that are controlled by a rigid system such as the United States people tend to loose patience after awhile. So it is either you get outsted or you get "whacked".

Good reason to change leaders is so that new ideas can see the light of day and just like clothes ideas can be in and out of fashion as well. The delivery of ideas also needs to change as no 2 deliveries for one idea provides for the exact same outcome.

To translate to the current batch of leaders that have served for too many years my sentiment goes the same to them. If there is not a marked improvement that they make at the end of every term they should very well know when to bow down and out instead of waiting for their curtain call. To the likes of Nik Aziz and Sammy Vellu the time has certainly come and passed. But it seems they prefer to be like a stubborn stain and ride on sentimental values helped largely by their sentimental supporters who are too afraid to rock towards slighty more choppy waters.

The fact of this is evident. We see things not moving anywhere to the most part but in some instances it may be moving backwards. Of course there needs to be a transition. The task and responsibilities of a leader is not something to be taken lightly let alone to be passed on like a can of baked beans at a camping ground.

What I feel that makes a good leader is not only in the ability to manage resources but also to rejuvenate and know when exactly to drop the sickle and call it a day indefinitely. Good leaders has to be alert not only to the environment but to themselves. Because if the environment wants to move forward but the leader cant do so then he or she is holding up everyone else. When things come to that event then a good leader becomes a selfish leader in a blink.

The Star

28 September, 2009

Dr. M supports Makkal Sakthi but what if....

Amusing turn of events this is. Just earlier this year to chant Makkal Sakthi would get one into trouble with the authorities. Well soon that would be legal and the BN led government will shout it out loud proudly too. Yes it is surely something unimaginable when the street protest took place sometime ago.

I do laud the initiative to make Makkal Sakthi a proper political party. But for them to turn to the BN coalition is actually a bit of a disappointment. They would indeed give a better fight if they are the opposition and gives a level playing field and BN will have a run for it's money. Perhaps there was a change of heart from the party leaders which lead them to think that if they work with the coalition in power they would get it easier. Logical enough to me~ but gaining something I bet the party lost some as well.

It is also a sign that to have another Indian Party seems to give tell-tale signs that MIC is not really holding up to it's baton as savior for the Indian Malaysians. Looks like Sammy would be around for a bit longer to ensure his party get what it wants or else it will just seep trough to the young gunners chanting Makkal Sakthi.

Loyalty expected but it comes at a price.

With the choke hold on the economy relaxing a tiny bit could we see a spike in job openings? I have been monitoring the various online job sites and new job openings are a bit scarce in general. Unless you place your self dirt cheap of course, but who does? Again if you are beyond desperate I have nothing else to say to you.

I do believe that to some extent some of us a very loyal to our employers. Perhaps it is because of certain benefits or the precise strategy aligned just so that one can leap frog to higher positions in the tree. Which of course takes years and years of hard work on most cases. Dirty politics please stamp your mark here.

But just ask someone about job satisfaction almost all the time they say is money when in fact it is actually time (workaholics need not apply here). What drives a person to be loyal towards their employer? It takes a certain amount of security and perks. So money may not be the reason half of the time. If you can agree with me it is always an external factor that determines loyalty.

So from my insistent observation outcome of employee loyalty can be defined as money divided by time multiplied by perks with the result of that squared off by satisfaction. Yes, try calculating that and come up with a definite answer if you should stay or otherwise. Of course that is an objective approach, which many of us take a more subjective approach because it is simpler and bangs the buck on the feel good factor to individuals.

So if you are faced with a tough decision of should you stay or not, you make take either one of the two methods I have given. Not that it is full proof but it surely beats the hell out of flipping a coin. Then again at some point it is almost always about the money.

Best of buddies.

I can't believe such lies. For one how could PAS claim that they are good friends with other parties in PKR. If it is true none should have any disputes with their partners in crime. One thing is for sure PAS has since compromised it's stand the moment they joined PKR. For benefit in one way or the other but it seems that they are very capable in mingling.

Now the issue of certain PAS division wanting to split from PKR. It could never happen because if divisions were to act on their own then why be part of a party in the first place? It is notorious of any political party that it is for gains in one way or the other. The many times the calling for "To Serve the People" is simply bollocks. Nothing is for free and even if it is free it still costs something somehow.

Even within BN on party will tell the another party to mind it's own business. Take the latest MIC party elections as a very good example. Tun M was told to bugger off and indirectly other BN component parties are told to collect their own laundry too.

It is just simply a fact, no matter how tight tow parties seem to be it is just for the benefit of cheap media attention. Well go on ahead. Live that lie and lead your people to it.

25 September, 2009

Which one is it that you have less? Time or Money?

I was presented this question plenty of times. But before the answer never seem to be that important to me until recently. We have X amount of time and an X amount of money. What it is normally is that we get an equal amount of money based on the amount of time put in. Now, it is simple common sense that everyone can make money regardless what they do. But without the time put in it is impossible to make a single cent. Makes sense doesn't it?

Well, the government has allowed civil servants to take up a second job. Which if I am guessing correctly that as long it does not interfere with the actual working hours it is fine. But seriously, we have only 24 hours per day. It does not matter is you are rich, poor, weak or powerful, good looking or your face looks like a mash-up of Bush and Margeret Thatcher. So where is the time to have a second job, in fact where is there is enough time to manage anything else in your life?

It strikes me as odd that no matter what you do everything is charged as per hour basis at the basic level. Now what we need is not more money as one hour can only be saturated with the money one makes but we actually need time. So wee see some people starts work at 8am and ends at 5pm. Some do so at 9am and finish at 6pm. Some take the extra effort to do an extra shift. Some sacrifice not to take their annual leave so as to be compensated in monetary value.

So what do we actually need? More money or more time? I would choose the latter because it presents me with more options than say an increase in pay of 20% but still stick to the hours. Predictably more and more enterprises out there offer a so called passive income system. Or the common term is let the money work for you instead you working for the money. However the biggest hurdle is not what we can do but what do we want to do. To do that requires a leap of faith to some and obviously sacrifices. So honestly what would you pick? Time? or Money?

What does it mean when Malaysia is yet again embarking into F1.

In all the turmoil in the global market some very rich and powerful Malaysians think they should get started into an F1 team. Well, for one I can say good for them. Second of all let us be reminded that this should not be just a marketing ploy. Although the PM has mentioned it plenty of times as quoted in the formal media. Perhaps the Pm does not want to explain in detail what else a Malaysian owned F1 team can do for the country. Perhaps just not yet.

Also it is not surprising that Mr. AirAsia @ Tony Fernandes is team principle. Which consequently he is also the initiator to this highly volatile investment. But what does it mean to the rest of us Malaysians? Would the tickets to watch the F1 in Sepang be cheaper? No, it has nothing to do with the team. Would this mean local brands who can afford the advertising have their brands paraded in 300km/h feather light cars? Yes.

Seriously, it would be a good consideration and oppurtunity for local brands that wants to break the international market to gain exposure just as how Mr. Tony has done for Air Asia in the Enlish Premier League. Imagine brands like Babas, Jackel and even the infamous Mc Curry on an F1 car? Of course it will be expensive and I doubt the brands I mentioned can afford it but imagination is where every success story starts.

I would not go as far as saying that it will be a Malaysian F1 team. Because it is not really. It is owned by Malaysian business entity yes. So in the mix there cannot be a pure Malaysian F1 team. We lack the expertise and knowledge which can be clawed back from smart investments and securing deals with the relevent experts in the sport.

Would it make it as good as how Honda and Toyota could? Well based on the expectations from the Lotus know how and Cosworth horse power we should be in capable hands if and only if politics do not play too much a part in it's management. I would love to see this happen and 10 years down the line the 1Malaysia F1 Team woul still be competing. Now that would be a mighty good thing.

Just to factor in what the rakyat expects and the reality of this sport, not everyone makes it here. The number that has faltered is a tell-tale sign of how bad things could be if a grave error or greed is simmering somewhere deep in the team's bowels. I would bet my money that with political intevention the team wont even last 3 full seasons and hundreds of millions just thrown away burnt forever in the asphalt of race circuits. Well if it is entire free of political satans then I can say Malaysia will be in active competition for a very very long time.

09 September, 2009

Khairy should take acting seriously.

I seriously think he has used all his talents very well here. Which he should consider a career change. This video is a cracker!!!!

08 September, 2009

Proton BLM gets in list of 50 Cars Made For At Least 20 Years.

Wow~ OK fine it is not from an official auto mag like AutoCar or Road&Track or even TGM. But still I am mighty proud to see a Malaysian car in the list~ albeit it is still referred as a Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore. Or perhap they are referring to a Lancer Fiore but somehow can't find the right image.

Anyhow go trough the list at

05 September, 2009

Indonesians demand for RM800

Looks like the cost of living for Malaysian families might just go up. Already Filipino domestic helpers go for a higher wage than their Indonesian counter parts so why not join in the bandwagon. Really if this RM800 materialize than it would not be according to the market demands since there is a minimum.

Another thing is at that cost per month we might see a lot of people sending their maids off. RM800 does not constitute for the cost that the maids incur themselves for food and lodging at their place of work. So the actual cost would undoubtedly be higher than what they are asking for.

For that kind of money we might just as well send the kids to a nursery. At least they will get an early start in education which I bet you maids do not do that well. In response to this demand I bet the market will in turn want a list of services that the maids will do so everything will be justified.

They would soon not only need to wash, clean and cook but other various duties will be included as well. The idea an off day has been a debate as well but I do seriously think it is very fair because maids normally work more than 12 hours a day. I am sure some sort of consensus can be met to see that both sides are happy. We do need their services and they do need the job.

02 September, 2009

Internal Security Council: One step in the right direction

It is good sense to first amend the ISA instead of abolishing it. But how it is amended would be under great scrutiny of the rakyat. So to me the first move is in the correct direction. Having a council to determine who gets in the inner sanctum of Kamunting would far more just than decision resting on one minister. However, the question arises of what if the top draws for this council is influenced by one party or the other making the verdicts one sided.

Lets just hope everything canbe as fair as it possibly can. Lets see what else is under review for the ISA. It's just that the waiting thing can be a bitch.

01 September, 2009

Again the government flip-flop. This time on RON97

This has become a habit. Saying one thing then doing another. Promisses to get things done but suddenly change and say it could not be done. Thus again we see the government not really keeping their promise~

So first they say RM2.00 per litre of RON97....
Now we see RM2.05 per litre~
Aiks~ I know it is a small margin but still principle is principle...
If you know you can't commit to the figure in the future then dont bloody announce it until it is suppose to take effect.

Numb nuts.