01 September, 2009

Again the government flip-flop. This time on RON97

This has become a habit. Saying one thing then doing another. Promisses to get things done but suddenly change and say it could not be done. Thus again we see the government not really keeping their promise~

So first they say RM2.00 per litre of RON97....
Now we see RM2.05 per litre~
Aiks~ I know it is a small margin but still principle is principle...
If you know you can't commit to the figure in the future then dont bloody announce it until it is suppose to take effect.

Numb nuts.

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Mind Field said...

I'm a pro-govt, and I work in an oil company.

But yeah, I, myself was utterly dissapointed with the current move.
They have promised to sell the lower grade of RON with a lower price (which sounds rational), but only yesterday, after weeks of preparations from our side, they came up with the news that the price wont change for RON95.

I mean cmon, people are technically paying the same price for a lower grade of fuel?