28 September, 2009

Best of buddies.

I can't believe such lies. For one how could PAS claim that they are good friends with other parties in PKR. If it is true none should have any disputes with their partners in crime. One thing is for sure PAS has since compromised it's stand the moment they joined PKR. For benefit in one way or the other but it seems that they are very capable in mingling.

Now the issue of certain PAS division wanting to split from PKR. It could never happen because if divisions were to act on their own then why be part of a party in the first place? It is notorious of any political party that it is for gains in one way or the other. The many times the calling for "To Serve the People" is simply bollocks. Nothing is for free and even if it is free it still costs something somehow.

Even within BN on party will tell the another party to mind it's own business. Take the latest MIC party elections as a very good example. Tun M was told to bugger off and indirectly other BN component parties are told to collect their own laundry too.

It is just simply a fact, no matter how tight tow parties seem to be it is just for the benefit of cheap media attention. Well go on ahead. Live that lie and lead your people to it.

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