28 September, 2009

Dr. M supports Makkal Sakthi but what if....

Amusing turn of events this is. Just earlier this year to chant Makkal Sakthi would get one into trouble with the authorities. Well soon that would be legal and the BN led government will shout it out loud proudly too. Yes it is surely something unimaginable when the street protest took place sometime ago.

I do laud the initiative to make Makkal Sakthi a proper political party. But for them to turn to the BN coalition is actually a bit of a disappointment. They would indeed give a better fight if they are the opposition and gives a level playing field and BN will have a run for it's money. Perhaps there was a change of heart from the party leaders which lead them to think that if they work with the coalition in power they would get it easier. Logical enough to me~ but gaining something I bet the party lost some as well.

It is also a sign that to have another Indian Party seems to give tell-tale signs that MIC is not really holding up to it's baton as savior for the Indian Malaysians. Looks like Sammy would be around for a bit longer to ensure his party get what it wants or else it will just seep trough to the young gunners chanting Makkal Sakthi.

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