05 September, 2009

Indonesians demand for RM800

Looks like the cost of living for Malaysian families might just go up. Already Filipino domestic helpers go for a higher wage than their Indonesian counter parts so why not join in the bandwagon. Really if this RM800 materialize than it would not be according to the market demands since there is a minimum.

Another thing is at that cost per month we might see a lot of people sending their maids off. RM800 does not constitute for the cost that the maids incur themselves for food and lodging at their place of work. So the actual cost would undoubtedly be higher than what they are asking for.

For that kind of money we might just as well send the kids to a nursery. At least they will get an early start in education which I bet you maids do not do that well. In response to this demand I bet the market will in turn want a list of services that the maids will do so everything will be justified.

They would soon not only need to wash, clean and cook but other various duties will be included as well. The idea an off day has been a debate as well but I do seriously think it is very fair because maids normally work more than 12 hours a day. I am sure some sort of consensus can be met to see that both sides are happy. We do need their services and they do need the job.

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