28 September, 2009

Loyalty expected but it comes at a price.

With the choke hold on the economy relaxing a tiny bit could we see a spike in job openings? I have been monitoring the various online job sites and new job openings are a bit scarce in general. Unless you place your self dirt cheap of course, but who does? Again if you are beyond desperate I have nothing else to say to you.

I do believe that to some extent some of us a very loyal to our employers. Perhaps it is because of certain benefits or the precise strategy aligned just so that one can leap frog to higher positions in the tree. Which of course takes years and years of hard work on most cases. Dirty politics please stamp your mark here.

But just ask someone about job satisfaction almost all the time they say is money when in fact it is actually time (workaholics need not apply here). What drives a person to be loyal towards their employer? It takes a certain amount of security and perks. So money may not be the reason half of the time. If you can agree with me it is always an external factor that determines loyalty.

So from my insistent observation outcome of employee loyalty can be defined as money divided by time multiplied by perks with the result of that squared off by satisfaction. Yes, try calculating that and come up with a definite answer if you should stay or otherwise. Of course that is an objective approach, which many of us take a more subjective approach because it is simpler and bangs the buck on the feel good factor to individuals.

So if you are faced with a tough decision of should you stay or not, you make take either one of the two methods I have given. Not that it is full proof but it surely beats the hell out of flipping a coin. Then again at some point it is almost always about the money.

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