29 September, 2009

Tun M realized finally that we were getting fed up of him.

Some believe that leaders are born while some have valid reasons to believe that they are trained and educated. I would say both are somewhat true. In respect to Tun M and the 22 years he raigned as PM I have great admiration. Not because he was PM for so long but for the fact that someone who could be content and complecent he choose not to and in the end gave up his seat with dignity for a change.

I can bet my Ringgit that not many leaders are willing to do that even if they are given a 50 year term. They would want to stay 50 more perhaps for reasons that retirement gets them out of their comfort zone. Like many a transition of power of other countries that are controlled by a rigid system such as the United States people tend to loose patience after awhile. So it is either you get outsted or you get "whacked".

Good reason to change leaders is so that new ideas can see the light of day and just like clothes ideas can be in and out of fashion as well. The delivery of ideas also needs to change as no 2 deliveries for one idea provides for the exact same outcome.

To translate to the current batch of leaders that have served for too many years my sentiment goes the same to them. If there is not a marked improvement that they make at the end of every term they should very well know when to bow down and out instead of waiting for their curtain call. To the likes of Nik Aziz and Sammy Vellu the time has certainly come and passed. But it seems they prefer to be like a stubborn stain and ride on sentimental values helped largely by their sentimental supporters who are too afraid to rock towards slighty more choppy waters.

The fact of this is evident. We see things not moving anywhere to the most part but in some instances it may be moving backwards. Of course there needs to be a transition. The task and responsibilities of a leader is not something to be taken lightly let alone to be passed on like a can of baked beans at a camping ground.

What I feel that makes a good leader is not only in the ability to manage resources but also to rejuvenate and know when exactly to drop the sickle and call it a day indefinitely. Good leaders has to be alert not only to the environment but to themselves. Because if the environment wants to move forward but the leader cant do so then he or she is holding up everyone else. When things come to that event then a good leader becomes a selfish leader in a blink.

The Star

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