25 September, 2009

What does it mean when Malaysia is yet again embarking into F1.

In all the turmoil in the global market some very rich and powerful Malaysians think they should get started into an F1 team. Well, for one I can say good for them. Second of all let us be reminded that this should not be just a marketing ploy. Although the PM has mentioned it plenty of times as quoted in the formal media. Perhaps the Pm does not want to explain in detail what else a Malaysian owned F1 team can do for the country. Perhaps just not yet.

Also it is not surprising that Mr. AirAsia @ Tony Fernandes is team principle. Which consequently he is also the initiator to this highly volatile investment. But what does it mean to the rest of us Malaysians? Would the tickets to watch the F1 in Sepang be cheaper? No, it has nothing to do with the team. Would this mean local brands who can afford the advertising have their brands paraded in 300km/h feather light cars? Yes.

Seriously, it would be a good consideration and oppurtunity for local brands that wants to break the international market to gain exposure just as how Mr. Tony has done for Air Asia in the Enlish Premier League. Imagine brands like Babas, Jackel and even the infamous Mc Curry on an F1 car? Of course it will be expensive and I doubt the brands I mentioned can afford it but imagination is where every success story starts.

I would not go as far as saying that it will be a Malaysian F1 team. Because it is not really. It is owned by Malaysian business entity yes. So in the mix there cannot be a pure Malaysian F1 team. We lack the expertise and knowledge which can be clawed back from smart investments and securing deals with the relevent experts in the sport.

Would it make it as good as how Honda and Toyota could? Well based on the expectations from the Lotus know how and Cosworth horse power we should be in capable hands if and only if politics do not play too much a part in it's management. I would love to see this happen and 10 years down the line the 1Malaysia F1 Team woul still be competing. Now that would be a mighty good thing.

Just to factor in what the rakyat expects and the reality of this sport, not everyone makes it here. The number that has faltered is a tell-tale sign of how bad things could be if a grave error or greed is simmering somewhere deep in the team's bowels. I would bet my money that with political intevention the team wont even last 3 full seasons and hundreds of millions just thrown away burnt forever in the asphalt of race circuits. Well if it is entire free of political satans then I can say Malaysia will be in active competition for a very very long time.

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