25 September, 2009

Which one is it that you have less? Time or Money?

I was presented this question plenty of times. But before the answer never seem to be that important to me until recently. We have X amount of time and an X amount of money. What it is normally is that we get an equal amount of money based on the amount of time put in. Now, it is simple common sense that everyone can make money regardless what they do. But without the time put in it is impossible to make a single cent. Makes sense doesn't it?

Well, the government has allowed civil servants to take up a second job. Which if I am guessing correctly that as long it does not interfere with the actual working hours it is fine. But seriously, we have only 24 hours per day. It does not matter is you are rich, poor, weak or powerful, good looking or your face looks like a mash-up of Bush and Margeret Thatcher. So where is the time to have a second job, in fact where is there is enough time to manage anything else in your life?

It strikes me as odd that no matter what you do everything is charged as per hour basis at the basic level. Now what we need is not more money as one hour can only be saturated with the money one makes but we actually need time. So wee see some people starts work at 8am and ends at 5pm. Some do so at 9am and finish at 6pm. Some take the extra effort to do an extra shift. Some sacrifice not to take their annual leave so as to be compensated in monetary value.

So what do we actually need? More money or more time? I would choose the latter because it presents me with more options than say an increase in pay of 20% but still stick to the hours. Predictably more and more enterprises out there offer a so called passive income system. Or the common term is let the money work for you instead you working for the money. However the biggest hurdle is not what we can do but what do we want to do. To do that requires a leap of faith to some and obviously sacrifices. So honestly what would you pick? Time? or Money?

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