26 October, 2009

How far along will the new budget help us?

The general thoughts on the new budget is pretty positive. But seriously~ those are only suggestions and believe me not all will fall trough. It escapes the most of us that every time a new budget is tabled everything is well received but what is actually passed on no one really cares.

The upset is always when somewhere along the timeline when we hear a price increase of this and that all the sudden and blame it on the government which is suppose to keep tabs on the market forces. Well, let me tell you this~ do you think they have all the bloody time to bother about every single sen of yours?

Be ready to get disappointed sometime in 2010.

14 October, 2009

An UMNO of Quality.

If Najib wishes to see that his party gains an amount of quality then it should always start with him. So indeed UMNO might be moving in the right direction (for once) but in comparison the opposition has improved so much more in such a short time span. But the big dog of Malaysian politics will have to start learning new tricks and that is what Najib will have to do.

The reforms which are suggested sounds very interesting. However there are some attitudes that are very hard to beat. First is the Malay supremacy crap. Come on~ is there really such thing to begin with? If there were any it died a long time ago during the downfall of the Malacca Sultanate. Second, this youth / putri thing is a total load of crap. Can't we just have one UMNO? Why must one political thought be segregated by age? Third, for the love of god please stop spending millions on useless conferences and other events that only benefit UMNO members.

An UMNO of quality need to have integrity.

13 October, 2009

BN lifted with Bagan Pinang win.

It's like a big thing winning a By Election these days for BN. I think it is because they have been loosing most of it. But can those of BN simply say that the confidence for the party has been rejuvenated because of the win in Bagan Pinang? I think it is an over statement.

A victory in just one By Elections could never be a yardstick for voter's confidence nationwide. It is just to show that particular constituency supports that party. That is all. I think BN leader are just hyping up the win to lift the spirits of the many BN supporters who have been jaded to see BN loosing the past few By Elections.

"Menang satu tak semestinya menang semua"