14 October, 2009

An UMNO of Quality.

If Najib wishes to see that his party gains an amount of quality then it should always start with him. So indeed UMNO might be moving in the right direction (for once) but in comparison the opposition has improved so much more in such a short time span. But the big dog of Malaysian politics will have to start learning new tricks and that is what Najib will have to do.

The reforms which are suggested sounds very interesting. However there are some attitudes that are very hard to beat. First is the Malay supremacy crap. Come on~ is there really such thing to begin with? If there were any it died a long time ago during the downfall of the Malacca Sultanate. Second, this youth / putri thing is a total load of crap. Can't we just have one UMNO? Why must one political thought be segregated by age? Third, for the love of god please stop spending millions on useless conferences and other events that only benefit UMNO members.

An UMNO of quality need to have integrity.

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wong said...

bwt teh 2 , umno n pas, one thing for sure umno can evolved and much secular ,but pas m i doubt it with hassan ali and ali hassans..we be going to dark ages by then it be too late.....pas is scary maybe nightmares