10 November, 2009

Another round of post-mortem for Teoh.

I am wondering why our forensics are very fickle in their undertakings. Why would there be the need to do a second postmortem if the first one was done properly? This case of Teoh is leading to a big mess and seriously indicates the quality of investigation. When one suddenly comes and gives a contradicting statement the story changes all the sudden and everything has to be re-done.

So the body will be exhumed yet again.... prodded...opened... and prodded some more. When can a man rest in peace these days? Especially if involving a suspicious death. By the way~ not really being insensitive~ why does his relatives carry a picture of Teoh for everything? It is indeed a culture that I do not understand. Can someone explain to me please?

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Gallivanter said...

They will continue to do so until the "right" answer is found. :-)