02 November, 2009

Former Perlis Mufti detained for what?

Sometimes the law can be a constrictive thing. In this case a gathering of 100 people at a private home. However only the ex-mufti was detained but not those who attended. But the police was mere assisting JAIS~ so they say. I find that hard to believe really. Why would JAIS request the help of police detain that man? Couldn't JAIS have done that themselves? I feel like there is something fishy going on. But well~ how they run their operations is non of our business especially a humble blogger like me.

Official news report here.

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wong said...

hassan ali bin ali hassan is the head of selangor religious and jais, without his instruction i doubt any officiers will act..it seemed that with the pas top leaders now investigating his role n revaluating his contribution, it would not be surprised that hassan ali is telling the pas, FLY KITES.
THIS IS A CLEAR MESSAGE, after all, it make him hero ,

now the prime minister kick another goal back to pas..this is yr boy, u sort it out!