11 November, 2009

To potong or not to potong.

The current ISP war is raging between TM and P1. The concept of marketing is somewhat lewd but it is funny. There are some complaining that the advertisements should be censored because it carries a double meaning. Hey, if you get it you get it lah~ if you don't then you are naive.

But seriously between both services there is nothing much to it. Both have their own problems. But seriously the service which the ISPs in this country is giving is utter bullshit. Relatively our internet services is still expensive comparatively to the speed what we are getting. Don't get me started on the downtime.

Infact I have not been paying for the service since I suffer more downtime than actual usage. In other words I am fed up. I say potong all lah~ just visit the nearest mamak and order a teh tarik and enjoy their free wifi.

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