02 December, 2009

Cigarettes to be sold only in packs of 20s and above. The reason stated is Stupid.

I question sometimes how someone can make a public statement and try to make themselves sound intelligent and miserably fail time and time again. The subject matter here is in selling cigarettes in no less than packs of 20s. The stupid reason is so that it would be harder for minors to buy them.


In case they forget... many shops do sell cigarettes in loose sticks. So please tell me would the strategy work entirely? Or there is by divine intervention that buy selling in larger packs these kids will give up? No, they can start sharing to buy a box right?

The form of packaging would not give an impact that is sought after. It is the sellers that needs to be monitored and legal action taken if they sell to minors. This could be the case of following just because other countries are doing it as well. Follow the herd~ yes follow the herd!!!!

Report here (In BM).

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