07 December, 2009

The Malaysian way of business politics.

No longer am i intrigued by the general way of doing business with the government. The deep dark way has seeped into every facet of getting things done period. The way the government awards projects to their dubious contractors are not only a waste of public funds but also a bloody pain to carry out and complete. I do not know how is it in other countries but this main contractor, sub contractors and sub sub contractors has got to bloody stop.

Politicians may be smart to talk with all kinds of frostings and bullshit. But the even smarter ones are businessmen who are forced to conduct their dealings with these politicians simply because it takes too long or nearly hopeless to go trough the normal process. On top of that the "Jaga Anak Ikan" mentality is actually incurring higher costs.

Just pick any projects awarded by the government and I can bet you 100% that none are bribe free. Sure-sure now the SPRM is very active and to the extent of zealous in catching all this bribes but again SPRM is not entirely impartial and the definition of bribery has taken many forms.

Another aspect is that these main contractors I believe buys so much lunch and dinner for their political contacts that it could feed a whole impoverish village for years. Now can you understand where I am getting at? Concentrating so much on getting a project but not really bothered on the quality, time and resources that is spent in actually completing it. That is why we see the government spending like idiots simply because they are idiots. A RM11,000 laptop for the farts sitting in parliament.... what is that for? They need to do dot net programming and auto CADs is it?

In all my honesty I implore those private firms thinking it is a worthwhile effort to buy these idiotic politicians food for favours. Stop it, because they are very well fed enough to be sleeping in various talks, seminars and meetings to drool over overly expansive IT hardware dreaming of becoming rich and powerful one day.

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