21 December, 2009

RPK in hiding.

The many times he has been called to court and he did not turn up. What do you think happened? Obviously if one has done something wrong it would make sense to go into hiding. But a man such as RPK who many times caused controversy surrounding the Malaysian political scene has always stated his sources are true should not be hiding away. It contradicts to what he has been doing all the while.

Has RPK called it chicken? Or he has been harassed or blackmailed by someone not to reveal anymore dirty secrets? Perhaps he was playing a game that he knew would need some swift exit out of the country. Whatever it is running will not solve anything.

For all the facts that RPK has dispersed to the public he should at least be responsible to own up to whatever misinformation he has shuffled trough his nifty fingers. What is for certain is that RPK has been out of sight for a very long time now.

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