21 December, 2009

Skin the MPs who do not attend.

Yes, my thoughts about this matter is fairly simple. These are the people who the Rakyat has chosen to represent them. For many times MPs has taken attendance in parliament very lightly and most recently the opposition nearly got the better of them. It is simple if you are not present to cast your vote for a bill then it is an even bigger sin than not voting during the General Elections.

Imagine that a country driven by the house of parliament needs to be constantly vigilant and aware that votes carry a bigger responsibility and not just a show of hands. Civil servants where saved by a whisker of votes (3 to be exact) to pass the budget that included their pay for the entire fiscal year of 2010.

What would happen if that was not passed? Expect people resigning from the civil service in a blink and the country will then fall to turmoil. These MPs have to realize that their main responsibility is not to attend dinners and functions even if the free food is that good. Who would call them to such food fest and celebration if they did not carry out their duties anyway?

BN is obviously in deep trouble and the opposition nearly capitalized. Which in all due respect is to never underestimate the opposition. Let alone one led by Anwar who certainly knows the technicalities of parliament like the back of his bottom.

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