20 December, 2010

Azwan Ismail is the "man" of the hour.

OK no this is not a personal attack to this self confessed gay, but what are we doing as a society these days that molds such a person to convince himself or herself as gay. I wrote something about this issue in 2007 and looks like the bad gut feeling I have inside has proven me very right. You may find that article here.

I hate to know that my predictions about this matter comes true. Urrghh.... disgusting!

19 November, 2010

YTL foray into ISP could possibly be at consumer's advantage.

It's been ages since I wrote something here. Actually it was an unannounced sabbatical. The scene was getting really boring and saturated with really stupid issues so before I became of of those who was desperate enough to  write about stupid issues I gave blogging a break. Not that I bother if my readership drops since I earn almost nothing for each visit of your anyway.

YTL is diversifying into the ISP business. 4G to be exact. So we already have a handful of providers and now comes another one. Some speculate that there will be a price war looming once YTL gets up to speed. But can we directly see internet fees dropping below RM100 and yet maintain high speeds? If there is one thing that all of our ISP are short changing us is consistency. Most will claim at best effort basis and that happens how often?

There is a simple problem. There is only so much the market can hold and with YTL the market becomes more brittle. Very few have multiple internet accounts... perhaps to most the minority only subscribe services from 2 ISP. One for home use and the other for mobile use. I know many can't leave home without checking on their various farms and armies online. Owh not to forget the cam-whoring blogger types.

But if there is a scant possibility that internet fees dip far below the RM100 per month for 1Mb all the better. Then perhaps we could pressure the providers to remove the stupid fair usage policy? Even if majority of us do not exceed the allocation but it would be nice to know that it is no longer there. Let the ISP fight~ then we shall wait and see who has the most bang for our Ringgit.

14 August, 2010

Poor Babies.

Could there be a civic divide between races in this country? I suspect there is so since the numerous reports of abandoned babies seem to by majority involved non-married Malay couples. Coincidently they are I assume Muslims too. The Baby Hatch launched by the government seems not to be helping much either because the location is not as convenient as just dumping a baby in a garbage bin or the public in general has no idea that it exists.

I do seriously think one other way to tackle these irresponsible couples is by actually giving them harsher sentences. But in order to do that is the need to trace them first. More go missing than being found and we would not know if there are repeat offenders. God! How can one dispose a baby once and then do it again the next time is beyond my comprehension.

To be objective the disposal of unwanted babies is murder (if the baby is found dead) or attempted murder if the baby is found alive but in such a deplorable state. I think the case would be different if the baby is left in a mosque or some public area where someone would not take too long to notice.

It is indeed everyone's responsibility to ensure such cases do not happen. However it surely boils down to the education and upbringing of these unwed couples. Some might be legally married too but too poor to afford to raise a child. Whatever the reasons may be there must be a mechanism where we as a society can help out these struggling couples or at least the baby. Honestly this is a kind of social epidemic that may grow to be detrimental to all of us if we do not actively do something about it.

28 July, 2010

MIDA goes through re-branding.

Lembaga Pembangunan Pelaburan Malaysia. Yep that is the new name. But what is even more interesting is a special board to approve foreign investments for anything more than 1 Billion Ringgit. What this board is suppose to do it to cut the red tape for fast approval without the need to go through the Finance Ministry and MTen.

So, they claim it can speed up approval and get the foreign funds in faster and fatter than ever before. Certainly it all sounds pretty dandy if you ask me. But how would it improve employment of the locals? Just like how the MSC does not place a limit on the hiring of foreign skilled workers to a certain degree kills the market for our locals. On top of that for the same position locals are paid marginally lower than their foreign co-workers.

For the amount of investment sure translates to higher GDP and most importantly GDI to certain extremities but would it translate to the little ones? And hopefully the new act specific for this would and should impose such rules to limit the intake of foreign skilled workers and give locals a far better chance. Not only business should have higher co-ownership with locals but also covers the entire workforce in key departments and positions.

News report Harian Metro

27 July, 2010

List of interesting news....

Forged letters to award contracts
Apparently a DAP veteran has used an Exco member's letter head to make recommendation letters in awarding contracts amounting to a total of RM1million over the past year. I suspect even the BN buggers have been doing this for ages. Biler nak cekup mereka pulak?

Iranians runs Meth Labs
Authorities discovered a whole big drum of Meth Oil. The big question is how the hell the couple obtained such a large amount of Meth Oil?

North Corridor Economic Region gets boost
RM800++ million being dumped to stir the NCER. That much of money and only 1000 jobs? We need more than that.

21 July, 2010

Are there any other Muntik's?

The verdict to the murder case of a maid was welcomed by many. From what I can tell the Indonesian government seem not to let this go until justice is served for their citizen who was literally tortured to death. The Malaysian government too can't take the case too lightly as the thought of loosing foreign workers sends chills down many spines.

But what does this all mean? Would there be a specific law for foreign workers in general? The government has a responsibility not only towards Malaysians but to the foreigners working in the country as well. I could not imagine our economy could survive without the help of foreign workers since Malaysians themselves are picky about their jobs.

I laud any move by the government to quickly have a law on protecting the rights of foreign workers and be detailed terms as to the length and fringe benefits that one is entitled to. It will be an act of good faith on our part to be responsible employers rather than the likes of the dead man walking.

30 June, 2010

Orientation week = Ragging

As a new semester starts in public universities we shall see the future of our nation in the hands of the education system for the next 5 years. But what defines this period is the induction or orientation week held for the first week of the semester. After the freak case involving an RMC student, the government is cautious and is paying extra attention to other public institutions across the country.

So it is proven when only something bad has happened that the authorities will want to take some sort of action. Typical them, poor us. However I must say that this culture of ragging (organized bullying) is so irrelevant since there is no specific standard and is totally up to the seniors to run the show. This has it's good and bad. One the officials of higher education need not spend time on the program and get on to other tasks. Second, seniors have some fun time to somewhat revenge what happened to them when they were the underlings.

However I think ragging is an essential part of character building. It is something like a boot camp to quickly build mental strength to make it trough the years ahead in varsities. Some kids make it while some do not. Some develop better interpersonal skills while some timid into isolation. In other words there is not a set syllabus or program to properly mold these kids and quantify the success rate of the orientation week.

Then there is the part where sometimes there are seniors that just go overboard. Resorting to physical violence and mental torture which the sole purpose is to humiliate and degrade the poor kids as much as possible. Sometimes even violating basic human rights. My idea is that a standard law of conduct has to be drawn formally by a central body. The ministry of Higher Education should take this to task. Station officers throughout the orientation week in all public and private tertiary institutions just to oversee that everything goes accordingly. But the most importantly it will be a place for the freshies to submit complaints of improper conduct by the seniors during the programme.

The government should consider this as it does address the concern of undergraduates being treated properly and the universities for benchmark their orientation week programme. We would not want to development mentally disturbed youths now do we?

14 June, 2010

Auctioned vehicle registration number is a sign of a recovering economy?

Amusing is one word to associate to this news report. Apparently the number of bids on a good vehicle registration number is a sign of buying power and that translates to a recovering economy. Maybe there is a tiny bit of truth there. But I do believe that that can't be used as a tangible indicator of our economy's performance thus far. And how many individuals actually bid for such things is just a tiny percentile of the working population.

I do take that the Chinese take their numbers seriously and even a smaller number take their vehicle registration number even more seriously than others. There is a also a trend amongst other races in this but in such small numbers that it can be neglected in this observation.

However I am puzzled as to why some might want to spend a fortune on a number for their vehicle? Some say it brings luck. Well OK, we do have that culture. But for Tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of Ringgit? How lucky can a number get? I think the RTD are the lucky ones.

To me wasting such amounts of money on an intangible asset like vehicle registration numbers is not wise. But as we all know, money to some is nothing while to others is everything. So go figure.

Full report here.

04 June, 2010

Why are the Zionist still very healthy?

Putting aside to what happened off the shores of Gaza recently I would want to actually put attention to the source of the problem. Referring to the Israeli government which many call Zionist (it sounds like profanity if you ask me) why are they still healthy and no one dares to put a stop to the injustice. My question is to the rest of the world.

What does it take for everyone to gather the balls to stop this particular nation from terrorizing Palestinians? I am sorry if some think that it is not the Jew's fault. But the fact is that the majority that takes great lengths to torture the less fortunate and snatch the birthrights of another nation are very very much as Jew as it can possibly be.

This is not a war about territory, it is not war about wealth, but it is war about the right to live. Above all else the many barbaric acts by the Zionist is towards Muslims. It is so specific that I bet if one is a Jew but stays in Palestine the Israelis would most certainly launch an offensive just to get that one idiot back on Israeli's side of the border.

Now what are the Muslim nations doing? What is OIC doing? There was once a time when a man named Yasser Araffat championed for Palestinian freedom. Now he is no more.... so does that mean the effort to protect the Palestinians does not fall on other Muslim nations? I am saddened that the Middle East Oil producing nations are just washing their hands in this matter because their trades are with the Zionist's supporters and financiers.

I believe the UN can't do shit because the structure of the UN favours the allies of Israel. The next strongest group of countries when put together are the OIC. The world's economy actually revolves around the natural resource that they have which god has given not only to share with but also as leverage to favour Muslims the world over when in times of need.

So why are the Zionist still very healthy? Simple, because the Muslim nations refuse to do anything. The Prime Ministers, Kings and Syahs are too happy to just rake in the money from the sale of black gold. Why aren't Muslims united in all sense? Why only unite in saying the same thing~ release a press statement condemning the Zionist and thats it? That is all they can do? Ask someone to write a press statement? Come on~ gather your balls and the people of your nation will unite and annihilate the tiny Zionist.

03 June, 2010

Lame News: PM visits Police Station.

After many many years yesterday's news on television was indeed the most boring ever. Half of the local news was about the PM visiting a police station. Ok fine, so we see that PM is paying attention to the little people on the street but there is not a big deal to it now is there?

The news dragged on to finally the PM leaving the country to VIENTIANE. OWhhh.... ahhhh..... a day in the life of a Prime Minister. Then there was the whole thing about how much crime in PJ has gone down. Simply because all the available police force in PJ are on rounds in the area of jurisdiction and their clerical and administrative work has been handled by civil servants. Yeahhh.... good one.

Let me get this straight, so a police goes out on his rounds and returns to report in an incident. All he or she does is whip out his cheapo note pad and starts scribbling details then returns to the station and pass it to the civil servant and types out the report for the said officer. Great! All that IT training for police officers paid by us taxpayers has just gone to waste. Owh well you cant win them all right?

Please lah..... there is more happening in the country than just our PM walking around PJ Damansara and getting his armpits all sweaty.

02 June, 2010

60:40 Kampung Baru Redevelopment

I personally have an attachment to the said place. In fact part of my childhood took place in that area, to be specific my great grandparent's house. Honestly then the place petrified me. The busy wet market and the numerous loitering drug addicts in the late 90s kept me pretty much occupied indoors.

Now this I hear that the government wants to re-develop that area. Into what it has been proposed and into what in the end it will be I have my sincere doubts. But re-development does not mean it is for the good for sure. The many plots of land are now owned by second and some even third generation descendants from the original owners.

So imagine the many plots that have been subdivided amongst siblings. Some to 2 while on average 5 co-owners per plot. From what I gather the plots of property is worth millions. So one can imagine that there are tussles on whether to sell off or to wait for the price to be offered up by unscrupulous parties who sees Kampung Baru as a diamond in the rough.

Honestly I am no Malay extremist. Nor do I really care much on what they do to Kampung Baru. But if family values is to go by this 60:40 scheme of joint redevelopment is indeed causing a bit of a headache. It is after all Malay Reserved land. Which means apart from the high value Kampung Baru holds a much bigger agenda in the stench of the wet market.

Some cry foul over the proposal of joint development between Malays and non-Malays. Some thinks that Kampung Baru is in desperate need for refurbishment partly to clean it's image and revitalize the commerce activity of that area. Honestly for such a small stretch of road it is causing such a commotion.

Families will be forced to sell their property because the value is so premium. Developers wants that pie so bad because they know it is a gold mine. I could smell dirty politicians plotting their schemes to make a lucrative buck, not to mention cunning businessmen hooking pinky finger with politicians.

For whatever the reason it may be Kampung Baru should be redeveloped. One it is full of history. It is iconic, and it sticks to many hearts of those who grew up in that area. The disputes of to sell or not is not really in an observer's hands. Malay reserve was and I repeat was a right and on top of that a privilege. But times have changed and money seems to be the cause and root of all change. Land owners have their right to sell but for heaven's sake keep in mind Kampung Baru is filled with history good and bad. Perhaps turning it into a heritage site would be good for everyone.

13 May, 2010

Isn't the Raja Permaisuri Agong the first lady of the state.

I received this in my Email....

You should see this.....................

The advert below, inserted in The New York Times, costs about RM10 million, artwork and all, and was paid for by the Chief Minister of Sarawak’s business outfit.

Malaysians may be quite surprised to know that the First Lady is no longer the Raja Permaisuri Agong, as in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, but Rosmah Mansor, as in the Prime Minister’s wife.

Article 32 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia says:

1. (1) There shall be a Supreme Head of the Federation, to be called the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who shall take precedence over all persons in the Federation and shall not be liable to any proceedings whatsoever in any court.

2. (2) The Consort of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (to be called the Raja Permaisuri Agong) shall take precedence next after the Yang di-Pertuan Agong over all other persons in the Federation.

In short, Article 32.2(2) of the Constitution means that the Raja Permaisuri Agong is the First Lady of Malaysia. And it costs just RM10 million to amend the Federal Constitution of Malaysia to make the wife of the Prime Minister the new First Lady.

Now this is a shocker.... PR disaster or it is on purpose?
BTW~ I do not know if the part where who paid for this advertorial is true or not and the fact is I don't care.

On vote buying spree again. RM18 Million.

It is either political culture or is it tradition that allocation of millions of Ringgit goes out to constituency of by elections. From Hulu Selangor RM3 million to a chinese school and now a sum off RM18 million to several schools in Sibu this move by Najib is very peculiar and the motives are questionable. Why is it that large sums of money is available and is dispersed easily during by elections and not trough proper channels of the Ministry of Finance to the relevant Ministries?

Upgrade of education facilities is the responsibility of the government and it is not a gift come by elections unless the funds are of course from other sources. Where does all this money come from is not clearly stated and the manner in which it is given out can be blatant vote buying.

Yet no one says anything about it or perhaps all the reports against it is blanked out by the pro-BN media. Anyway... it is good for the schools. Now they can properly plan for better facilities and activities for the kids. But that does not mean their parents will vote for BN.

12 May, 2010

Easier to charge a policeman than saying sorry.

It seems to be hard to get an apology these days. Is there really red tape surrounding the issue to give out a press statement and apologizing publicly? The Home Ministry and the Police in my opinion has really bad PR. The proof is there that a civil servant shot a boy with no criminal record whatsoever and even if the boy was at wrong is it so hard to just say sorry?

Somehow I am pretty surprised that there is no indication that the family of Aminulrasyid wants to sue yet. Which if their patience wears thin and statement of apology over the matter is not given I do think sooner or later they might just want to sue PDRM and even the Home Ministry. So just to avoid such PR disaster and make matters worse just say bloody sorry. Unless of course egos are on the line then I can only say PDRM and the Home Ministry are pricks.

09 May, 2010

Legalization of Sports Betting in Malaysia.

I would like to pose a question to all the ministers in cabinet, is Malaysia an Islamic State? From the recent but brief reign of Tun Pak Lah I somewhat remember that everyone in the ruling party camp vehemently promotes that Islam is the official Religion and Malaysia is an Islamic State. Even boldly stated to be one and whole along side other Islamic States in the world. Unless I missed a part stated somewhere that all PR done by a previous Prime Minister is null and void and the current government and PM does not carry the same virtue (even when all this time they are from the same camp). Clearly not very 1 Malaysia right?

Gambling in this country is a sticky issue. Not many companies are given privilege to run such activities legally. But since the World Cup is around the corner someone thought it might just be a bloody good idea to make Sports Betting legal. It does not take a preacher to tell you that it's a downhill road from there onwards. So I am not going to preach, not that much at least.

Gambling among other things is the start to many moral and social degradation. Do we need to see more "investors" wasting their hard earned money that a healthy economy provides into a pool of spinning luck? Fine, there are odds that can be calculated but what does that tell you? There will always be 2 sides of the coin. Generally when there are those winning there will be even more loosing. What happens then? The balance of economy shifts and creates a divide.... Happy and Miserable.

For a government, it is their responsibility to ensure happiness. Now for happiness to take shape there needs to be equal demand and supply. Of course that is Utopia if perfection is sought but the closer the balance in general everyone is happy. Now if Sports Betting is legalized that balance of happiness shifts to a minority. Because only a minority see the fruit of their odds calculation and the rest who miscalculated their odds wins depression. Already as it is we see many broken families, some send their relatives to the loony bin, while others borrow, beg or steal to make up their losses.

The word "consideration" to legalize Sports Betting should not even be thought off by a government which stamp and brand Malaysia as an Islamic State. I mean seriously what are you people in the cabinet drinking? The millions in estimated revenue from legalizing Sports Betting is surely to be used for damage control more than anything else. Imagine the destruction in public property over some sore loosing gamblers, the rising crime rate because of more people will beg, borrow or steal to fund their addiction to calculation of odds and the moral degradation of children having to return to families that are no longer there.

So when all hell breaks loose what would be next? Too much sad people? Lets legalize prostitution and drugs. Too many babies thrown away? Legalize international child adoption. The streets aren't safe to walk anymore? Legalize firearms to the public? Hey~ now we wont be too far off America!!! 1Malaysia, Yakin Boleh (Hmmm...sounds like Obama's "Yes we can")!

28 April, 2010

Election petition for Ulu Selangor is a waste of time.

Fact: PKR are sore loosers. Especially when they have had a winning streak.

Fact: Zaid Ibrahim is a sore looser. Jumping from BN to PKR does not guarantee a vote of popularity.

Reflecting on the outcome of Hulu Selangor is a bitter pill to swallow. But to put it into retrospect BN has done the right thing in concentrating where it counts most. So for all kinds of allegations made by Zaid on behalf of PKR it wont make any difference. We all know the sort of election system we have is not entirely transparent especially the part where the ballots are counted but the outcome is reflected purely in the numbers. 1700 plus votes is a lot to loose by and to come up with that figure the recounts are many.

The PKR camp surely made a bad call in strategy somewhere that they deserved the results they got. Putting Hulu Selangor aside they should be concentrating the by elections in Sibu. BN has done just that for Hulu Selangor where they took the loss in previous by elections and made decisions where it counts. Zaid should know a petition could not do much thus he should just continue campaigning for Sibu with the rest of the PKR jing bang.

If PKR were to dwell in this then it might look like a landslide victory for BN in Sibu where BN has been so dominant in Sarawak for many-many years. Get over it Zaid and put energy instead to better use. Strike that attitude as null and void, it is wont be valid in Sibu.

Read the report from Star.

27 April, 2010

BN gains Hulu Selangor. PKR cross legged.

First things firsts. I am not a Hulu Selangor voter. So that settles that I am merely an observer from the outside. BN got the much needed boost and PKR had to swallow a bitter pill. The speculators and me included keep asking what went wrong for PKR? I could not agree more with Mahaguru. Perhaps this time around BN beat PKR by candidate to candidate.

I don't think that will change much in terms on how BN intends to rule. But the outlook may indicate some form of change for the better and perhaps Najib took the task to choosing a candidate very seriously. Now it just remains the fact of how many more like Kamalanathan does BN have in their roster. Because they need every single one they have to win back 2/3 majority come next General Elections.

For now it is time for those in Hulu Selangor to cash in on the campaign promises. BN better pay-up or their Kamalanathan might just wet his pants and weep silently.

23 April, 2010

Hulu Selangor and Zaid Ibrahim

The political career of one Zaid Ibrahim can be said as a roller coaster. But to judge a man solely based on hearsay is wrong and unfair. However the sources available to the public and especially those in Hulu Selangor is neither promising or promoting so now the people in Hulu Selangor need to just hold their breath and mark X on the ballot paper when the time comes.

Hulu Selangor hosts a parliamentary seat and is a great deal to both the government and the opposition. It means one mouth and opinion more in terms of vote to the various tabled legislations throughout the year. Which may be what determines the future of the country and the rest of us Malaysians in general.

As usual the by elections held so far since the General Elections are always sprinkled with controversy, name calling, taunting and ridiculous accusations bordering child play. I do have to figure out why place a man who has no relation to Hulu Selangor to contest? For the people, they do not know him. But just for the fact to have an experienced lawyer in their side in parliament is the objective of the opposition. Which seems to prove that Karpal does not give that edge anymore.

With BN poking fun at Zaid for his gambling, drinking and other liberties that has yet to be proven true on all accounts.... the salvos maybe intensely firing but at the most it sounds like just empty farts. We know that lawyers are essentially professional liars with fat pay... one day they can defend a single mother for her rights to her children and another they can defend a serial rapist that raped that mother in the first place. So indeed Zaid might just be the man for the opposition.

Zaid ceases to realize that he is indeed the pawn in all this. From the days he was a minister he was used..... and now in Hulu Selangor he is used again. So a lawyer with no morals and principles will happily lap and wag where the money is offered just as long he stays alive, rich and with some consolation of power. I feel sad and sorry for the voters in Hulu Selangor where both the ruling party and the opposition is not seriously attending to your needs but more to have a bigger slice of pie in parliament.

22 April, 2010

The basis of APCO - 1Malaysia debacle by the opposition is flacid.

It is a simple concept.... APCO rendered it's service for a price which the government paid for a marketing plan for a more harmonious Malaysia. To me there is not a problem when APCO is Isreali owned or did anything for the Isreali government. It is on that basis that the opposition crying foul over the 1Malaysia concept and the campaign for public awareness I say is flacid.

It would not make an inch of a difference too if lets say the government engaged a local PR and marketing firm. It is a just a business deal to render a service to get a public message across as fast as possible and in the most efficient way possible. As usual with the parliament deciding to debate on this issue rather than issues like GST we the rakyat should be aware that it's our tax money they are using to sit on the bench and argue about something so senseless. So that is a total waste of resources and effort.

But the opposition is very well known for their tactics to balloon a petty issue. Rather than question on the morality of spending RM77 million over a slogan why not try to figure what can the next RM77 million can be used for the wellbeing of the rakyat? This all again boils down back to Anwar who apparently still commands international scrutiny over everything that the government does against him.

On another note of claiming there are Isreali spies in our security forces defies belief. Come on ~ what could possibly be the reason for Israel to plant their agents in the country? If sambal belacan is what they are searching for than they wont find any in the armed forces. They should try Chow Kit instead, they might even get a nice discount.

21 April, 2010

Owh Bung~ Afraid of wife is it?

Yeah~ well as they say men would always want more than they can handle especially when it comes to women. So in this specific case of Bung Mokhtar it is simply not surprising. But one can already tell that he is a cheeky fellow since he made that remark in parliament "Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga." So what is really funny is that the way he admitted to polygamy with Hot Rod Zizie Ezette. Which we can surely guess the hush-hush approach to his marriage is to avoid awakening the dormant beast of his lawfully wedded wife.

However with a few snooping reporters setting their intelligent reconnaissance techniques to good use and fished out Bung almost freshly wet. Obviously it does not help when he appeared along side his vixen at a popular local awards night. I find this entertaining not because he is a politician with a celebrity second wife but more to the fact that how scared men can be of their wives when the itchy crotch question come to mind.

So what is the resolution? Obviously Bung had his "First" night with his new wife. So going in and out of court does not really do much.... he would obviously go "home" to vixen rather than get pummeled by his first wife. But all this could have been avoided if and only if Bung stood up strong like he did in his pants when he laid eyes in Ziezie and be a man and tell his first wife his intentions to marry another.

Now, all Bung can do is hope and pray that his old wife would not sue the daylights out of him.... which all of us know that has a slim chance of not happening. Good one Bung..... I guess your secret "Bocor" anyway. Hahahahahah~!!!!

Impressive "FBI" Conmen.

I received this in my email this morning.....

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc

Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to Officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly Investigated with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you are having an illegal Transaction with Impostors claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the
Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza,Mr Frank Nweke, Dr. Philip Mogan, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Barr. Derrick Smith, kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule,Larry Christopher, Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen, Dr. Philip Mogan, Paul Adim, Puppy Scammers are impostors claiming to be the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. During our Investigation, we noticed that the reason why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled your Financial Obligation given to you in respect of your Contract/Inheritance Payment.

Therefore, we have contacted the
Federal Ministry Of Finance on your behalf and they have brought a solution to your problem by coordinating your payment in total USD$11,000.000.00 in an ATM CARD which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM MACHINE CENTER anywhere in the world with a maximum of $4000 to $5000 United States Dollars daily. You now have the lawful right to claim your fund in an ATM CARD.

Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in this transaction, you have to be rest assured for this is 100% risk free it is our duty to protect the American Citizens. All I want you to do is to contact the
ATM CARD CENTER via email for their requirements to proceed and procure your Approval Slip on your behalf which will cost you $150.00 only and note that your Approval Slip which contains details of the agent who will process your transaction.

NAME: Mr. Kelvin Williams
Telephone: +234_802_748_5165

Do contact Mr. Kelvin Williams of the ATM PAYMENT CENTER with your details:


So your files would be updated after which he will send the payment information's which you'll use in making payment of $150.00 via
Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer for the procurement of your Approval Slip after which the delivery of your ATM CARD will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay.We order you get back to this office after you have contacted the ATM SWIFT CARD CENTER and we do await your response so we can move on with our Investigation and make sure your ATM SWIFT CARD gets to you.
Thanks and hope to read from you soon.


Note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM CARD, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Mrs. Loveth James of the ATM CARD CENTER who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your
ATM CARD PAYMENT and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation.

I must say...the attention to detail is mighty impressive. But come on, why use a yahoo/gmail account for correspondence? Cheapskate con men. I hope these buggers get caught for such a scam.

20 April, 2010

How would you like better pay?

The topic is actually a very stupid question. But somehow it struck me this morning like the flat side of a knife on garlic. Slightly teary eyed I murmured to my self "why not?" But lets look at the competition. Where I work there is not really much of a competition. However it's a place where the adage "Know none, do none" applies even when it is the job scope in the first place.

It has come to my realization that foreigners are idiots. At least some of the ones I have worked with are. However the management thinks they are highly skilled and very hardworking. Yes indeed they are skilled.... specifically in bullshitting all the way to Timbuktu.

But the management thinks that hiring foreigners is a good marketing exercise. That carries a significant amount of brownie points to utter "We have an experienced international team". Wow! That sounds mighty impressive in pre-bid documents and presentations. For that fact we locals tend to get a bit left out in the job market. Especially if the international resource is from India, Indonesia, Thailand and other random 3rd world nations.

Now back to the title.... of course I would like better pay! But does that mean competing with incompetent foreign labour with shit as brains and an ass for body? Let me state this clearly.... working for a MNC is all swell. But working in a local firm that employs so called professional foreigners can be a pain in the nether regions at times. Of course some are honest~ but is the cost justified for their expertise?

To us locals this is where these foreigners are ass holes. First, they know nuts about our culture. Guys dont hold each others hands for any reason in this country unless of course they like to polish each others knobs. Second, of course they know English.... but they cant speak, let alone write complete sentences without confusing a 10 year old. Yet we have to take them into account as valid competition. Why? Because these bastards get paid so much more just because they hold passports of a different colour.

Look, if they are good and I mean really good I won't give my two nuts a chance to question how much are they paid. But if the merit on pay grade is made based on "international" status then kindly make a u-turn for the nearest Malaysian border.
So YES I would want better pay simply based on my merit that I know my shit and I am a proud Malaysian. Now for all the overpaid foreigners who think they are that great just take note.... not all locals you work with are stupid. So give us hardworking Malaysians our well deserved money please and get the hell out of our country.

*The author has nothing against foreigners working in the country if it creates good competition. But the useless and lying piece of shit seriously do not deserve to take home the Malaysian Ringgit.

Thaksin the terrorist?

Thaksin the current man of the hour in Thailand. Seems that his supporters follows as he says unconditionally. Which is a very worrying thing. The clash of civilians and soldiers shall always result in a very obvious outcome. Someone will end up dead, more will end up hurt and more will blame each other who was responsible for it. The leaders don't really do much but shrugs and gives press statements that no one gave the order to kill.

Great. Thaksin has indeed proven how influential a leader he is to his band of Red ants. But the question remains... is Thaksin a terrorist? TO a certain extent I do think so. Once a national hero that has fallen from grace and with that many supporters can twist into a monster that frightens the public. Not to say the least all he wants is fresh elections to satisfy his ego self that he does not have the support of the whole of Thailand.

As Malaysians, we have to take into account that Thailand is a neighbour. Also along the border there will surely be some influence spilling over. Is Thaksin's influence strong enough to prompt a move from his supporters at the border to act to his bidding? If so it could be that Thaksin is terrorist material after all. I say our armed forces should keep a vigilant eye at the border gates and surrounding areas. We wouldn't want a war plot brewing on our doorstep.

17 April, 2010

Bills are no shrinking matter.

For ages and I mean ages I have seen my bills grow from just one during my good old bachelor days and now to more than I can mentally count. I wouldn't even dare to start on how much I have spent on bills alone. Of course there many sort of discounts out there but there is always a catch in some mouthwatering deal.

I have changed cell-phone plans over the past 5 years more times than an apple tree can grow apples in a year. This is all so I can save a few bucks off from
the cheapest cellphone plans. To a certain extent my manual labour seemed to work.

Don't let me get to my credit card bills. Owh, they are just a pain. Wondered why I had to pick up the cards in the first place. Perhaps I was just naive and jumped the gun when picking a plan. Should have just
compared credit card plans and see which offers the best rates and service. But yeah how could one digest all the information and filter in their heads on which is good or not? Who reads the fine prints?

So as I was ambling along online finding good deals being the cheapskate and underpaid I am, viola! I might have just found the solution. Now why haven't someone thought something like
Billshrink earlier? Finally someone with the same thoughts as I did but actually made a service out of it to serve the greater good. Looks like I can now keep my hard-earned underpaid money!

26 March, 2010

Police logo has Allah and Muhammad.

This is based solely on my observation and my logic, which has got me thinking for a bit and came to this point that it is inappropriate. If anyone has noticed that on the logo of the Royal Malaysian Police there at the top of the crown is Allah and Muhammad. This has to be referred to the fact that since it is the ROYAL Malaysian Police and the monarch in this country upholds the religion of Islam that this two words are designed into the PDRM's logo.

So from that thought I bet all those in the police force are carrying this logo on their attire for duty in various forms of patches, badges and pins. However I would like to highlight that the police force consists of all races and different faiths. The non Muslims might respect that badge as it is a logo of their duty and job but might not know how to respect the fact that the logo carries 2 symbols that is very-very important to Muslims.

No, I am not mentioning this to cause an uproar or some outcry over this matter but I am just curious if the members of the police force actually respect this matter in their day to day duties. Muslims do not place anything that has reference to the holy Quran on the floor or places that puts the contents in disrespect. That is why it is improper in practice to wear any form of jewelry or trinkets that carries even one holy word from the Quran.

It is just a concern and my two cents.

25 March, 2010

Looks like the Selangor State Government is getting in a bit of a fix.

Permodalan Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan Sdn Bhd is claiming that the State Government has manipulated them and as such lost a huge sum. We'll have to see what happens next and would the Selangor State Government has anything to say about it or not.

Read the article here.

18 March, 2010

1Student, 1Sport: Whats with the "Gempak" taglines?

This 1 of everything is getting on my nerves. It is completely understood that as a nation we are striving to be together in doing everything. You know the "Muhibbah" tagline from yore. Well it is the same thing but updated for marketing purposes. So expect to have 1 in everything from the government. 1Malaysia, 1LRT, 1PASAR MALAM, 1KID, 1ISP, 1Satellite TV, 1SCHOOL, 1Corruption, 1Nepotism all also lah got 1.

But the government or lets say the ministers dont understand is we dont give a fuck what all this campaign / policy is called. The execution is what we want to know and judge. So we heard of the national KPI which how the grading is done is not being made public enough. The rakyat should have an avenue to give their opinions on the various government policies.

Referring the the latest debacle in parliament where Khairy and Anwar traded puns and accusations and other spit and spats we are not at all convinced that anything can be done. So many campaigns and policies and none are followed trough with a hard handed fist.

Back to the 1Sport, 1 Student thing... nice marketing touch. But seriously does the current time spent on sports or physical activity sufficient? Less than RM5 per child per year allocated for the development of school sports? That is not enough. There should be more ways than one to integrate sports into the curriculum. I remembered playing football for English. The trick was to only converse in English throughout the game. Those caught cursing or uttering in any other language are penalized by doing push-ups and to stay on the side-lines for 2 minutes. It was huge fun and funny too.

I do not blame the educators on their lack of creativity. I put the blame on the system that trained them to become educators. One can only teach what they are taught. Which makes perfect sense on the quality of sports at school level. The good ones are cherry picked to be in the school team while the others are not allowed to explore other type of sports that are not main stream. I guess education will always be second fiddle in priority.

16 March, 2010

OKU Parking: Malaysia apparently has plenty self proclaimed "disabled".

I would like to apologize first if this post offends the disabled. In no way my intentions is to make this group feel disrespected. I am referring to the recent woes of the disabled community. It is understandable that the hardship that they go trough daily bogs down their spirit but I do find many persevere the same or fair even better than the rest of us born with complete functional limbs.

However, some tend to choose to be disabled though their definition does not at all fall within the provision of society norms. I am ranting about those who deliberately park the vehicles in designated disabled parking plots. Somehow I don't think that this country has an education system that is entirely a failure. Thus how come we find very often that parking spaces for the disabled are being occupied by morons?

Perhaps they define disability a bit differently. Perhaps stupidity or lack of brains is a disability. Just have a look see at hypermarket car parks for instance. Driving along to find a parking spot one could not help it but be enticed to park in the spot reserved for the disabled. Just as when that thought passes and conscience hits us in zips a vehicle into that spot and out comes a perfectly able adult and sometimes the entire family of well groomed healthy looking specimens of their parents. Then in your heart you start cursing with the occasional mumble that escapes uttering somewhere along the lines of brain defect and retard. Only if they were really retards then it is forgiven but 99% of the time they are not.

Imagine how would a disabled feel? Already they have a hard time coping with less than perfect limbs and the awkward co-ordination to maneuver their vehicle in the crowded parking lot only to find that the disabled parking space to be taken up by someone which is perfectly (at least on limbs) healthy. Life is a bitch this disabled must think and continues to find a parking spot which he or she does eventually but is about a 100 meters away from the entrance. If they are wheelchair bound then figure that the poor person has to hop out of a cramp parking space and haul his walking aid or wheelchair from the trunk. Honestly if I were them I would have just parked my car right up at the entrance.

Of course my description does not entirely tell the whole story but I hope my dear readers get the picture. It is not a nice thing to do and the disabled already have a tough time living. So what harm is there to make their life easier? They never asked to be born or caught up in a mangling limb altering situation and finding a normal parking spot does not add up to your parking fee hours anyway. Believe me, in many ways the disabled community are the most motivated and gifted individuals in society. They take life with more courage than you muster every morning to get out of bed (for some of us that is very hard to do) and yet we either unconsciously or deliberately make their life even harder. Tsk tsk tsk.... shame on you Malaysians.

04 March, 2010

Turmoil for Bum-Oil

The house of cards of white and blue that Anwar built seems to be slipping off. With just one MP less than DAP PKR is set to be relegated in the PKR coalition. BN has every reason to be happy for obvious reasons that they can see a brighter light at the end of the next GE. But that will be counting your chickens a bit too soon.

So the question is not about the PKR coalition but more on who has the right to lead the darn thing. Anwar is already tangled in some lubricating mishap (either if it is true or not it does not really matter) so this would serve as tipping scale as to what needs to be done to resolve the imbalance of head in the opposition coalition.

DAP will have a very valid reason to claim the coalition throne but it wont be an easy fight. I bet PAS would like to have a say in it as well. So, unless everything is kept civilized all hell possibly can break loose and BN can have their long overdue field-day.

What is this back stabbing? Come on it is bloody politics. Back stabbing is a culture and political reasons moot the point that back stabbing is a valid tactic. Nothing can be called foul in this slick bum oiled game. Again the rakyat will be left with no choice. Again the country wont be heading anywhere and again I might just as well spoil my vote for the next elections.