27 January, 2010

High Performance Schools - Property Appreciates.

Now we have "High Performance Schools". Sound spiffy good eh? But is it really all a big deal? Well to parents yes it is. And when parents want to give the best education possible they would do anything. Change careers, stop having affairs, stop thinking of sports cars and other money consuming activity just so that the fruit of their loins be the best investment they aver made.

We had the run of "Smart Schools" which a lot of companies made a fast buck and the project turned to dust in no time. Sad to know and see that our education system is somehow brought to a flee market rush. Could there be a light at the end of this "High Performance School" tunnel?

Maybe.... but it is for certain that these schools would bring more benefit to the property sector first. It is just marketing hype after all. Does it mean those who can't afford the areas where these odd power schools are situated will be left with stupid children? That is left to wonder even more.

Lets put it this way, as parents wouldn't you want your children to be smart in every way possible in the most normal way available? Does it mean that the "normal" schools are a breed for future stupidity and incompetence? I serious think it does not. How can one expect a perfect stranger to teach all there is to know about growing up? Unless you want your children to be a thick text book. That is pretty daft if you ask me.

All schools are equal by right. They carry the same curriculum.... with teachers trained in the same public system. So what is with the fluff? Well it is just so that there is a so called a valid reason to dispense the nice round sum of moolah. What a a genius! Make the good schools even better but neglecting the rest because they are not performing. How to perform if there is not enough resources to go around in the first place?

Well at least the teachers will see their property bought with government loan appreciate in value. Nice.... very nice.

08 January, 2010

Church gets torched. Some speculate it's the Allah issue.

It's Friday. Come midday things might just get ugly. This issue over the use of Allah in a Catholic publication is causing every other Christian some problems. Must I also add that some Muslims are idiots too. Don't they know that predominantly there are 3 sects of Christianity in Malaysia? I bet they don't so maybe, just maybe some morons decide to torch a non Catholic Church last night.

If it is the Catholics that caused the problem why bring it to the Anglicans and Protestants? Owh~ yeah they are all Christians. Duh. This is where our education failed, unless one takes the extra effort to learn how many major divisions in Christianity are there. It is very similar to Islam where predominantly there 4 schools of taught. But I guess who bloody cares anyway.

The ignorance of both Muslims and Christians in this country are really making both sides look like idiots. Which for a fact that the Courts could have avoided but the lame judges decided to allow the use of Allah in a Catholic publication. All due respect to the courts but the official religion on this country is Islam. Why? Because the King the royal house are Muslims. So the consideration for the verdict should uphold the constitution.

So we now have a torched church~ the wrong one at that!!! So what now? Someone is going to burn down a mosque? Want to try that? After that what? We exchange torching each other's place of worship just because it is an eye for an eye? Can't you see the pointlessness in all this?

To those who burned down the church, bravo! You just proved that you are not only ignorant but also an enemy of the state. Provoking unrest in the general public. Those who are thinking of burning a mosque will undoubtedly be no different than those who burned the church.

The authorities should reconsider on not allowing peaceful protest after Friday prayers. They should instead protect all churches and mosques. Let those who want to protest do so. In the end they will get tired of all that shouting and marching and eventually all will go home and wait for the next Friday to do so again untill this issue is resolved. I don't need to tell what would solve this issue right? Unless of course the authorities are a bunch of wankers themselves.

Read report here.

07 January, 2010

Allah, Selangor Anthem & Khalid Ibrahim

I figure someone would make a silly statement sooner or later. In this case I must hand it to the MB of Selangor. Yes, Allah is indeed in that lyrics of the Selangor anthem but I seriously doubt that it refers to God in general. What prompted him to give out such a statement beggars belief.

He is a Muslim, a leader to the state of Selangor and politician. So this is the part where he is playing his role as a politician and might just forgot that he is also a Muslim. What is the proof that Allah can be used to refer generally to God? It does not state in the Bible. So if it is not used in the Bible why should it be used by Christians?

Muslim prophets have biblical names.... but those are never used in the Quran. Moses? Muslims use Musa, Abraham? Muslims use Ibrahim. See... it is not similar character to character at all. Now, this MB of Selangor better get his facts right.

The Selangor anthem refers to Allah as Islam is the official religion of the State and not because Allah is referred to God generally by all. Is he trying to make peace? If he is, this is not the right way to do it. In fact with that statement he has just added more problems. Bravo I say!!! Bravo!!!

Read News Report Here.

05 January, 2010

9 Years Reign Ends.

It came with great glee when I went trough a local new paper and read that the 9 years serving VC of UiTM has retired from the post. Of course as many Malay / Bumiputra loyalist would claim that he has done a lot for the Malay / Bumiputra higher education. I have to agree to a certain extent. But still the institution is still not of world standards as it may claim to be.

Anyway, this is not a personal lambaste. So I shall leave that matter to just that but instead would be interested on what his successor has planned. Dr. Ir. Sahol (pardon me if i get it wrong) as far as I can remember preaches Bumi centric issues as well (duh who is not in UiTM?). But it would be interesting to see his approach which I hope is fair and not as much as spoon feeding Bumi youths.

First things first, please give due credit to the lecturers who deserves a raise and a promotion as apposed to it being limited to certain cronies to the administration. Don't tell me there is none. Everyone knows and it is an open secret. Just be fair.... is that too much to ask?